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The Chair of language and Basque Culture of the University organises conference about Basque Pelota.

30 | 06 | 2022

"Basque Pelota: the heritage that unites us" is the degree scroll of some conference that the Chair of language and Basque Culture of the School of Philosophy and Letters organised on 10 and 12 June. Sponsored by the Government of Navarre, the aim of goal was torecognise this sport as an essential element of Basque culture, as well as a paradigm of social, educational and heritage values.

The first part of the meeting, presented by María del Mar Larraza, director of the Chair, took place at the CIVICAN cultural centre (Pamplona). Santiago Lesmes, writer and researcher, dealt with the history of pelota from the 13th century to the present day. lecture For his part, Daniel Carballo, from the Universidad del País, focused on the architectural and social dimension of the pelota court in a session entitled degree scroll "The introduction of the pelota game in historic centres. Degrees of its introduction in architecture". In a third session, Guillermo Luna, an audiovisual producer, brought to light the "report in feminine life in the frontons" through the projection of a documentary that dealt with the figure of the first female raquetistas.

On the 12th, the workshop went to the town of Irurita (Baztán), where those present were able to enjoy a pelota match between the Irurita Miguelene and Doneztebe Apeztegia teams at the framework of the Laxoa Championship. There was also a session at position by Tiburcio Arraztoa, president of "Laxoa Elkartea", and a roundtable with the participation of professional pelota players Iñaki Escudero, from the Ardoi Club in Zizur, and Andrea Lusarreta, from the "Pelota and Women" Commission of the Navarre Federation of Basque Pelota.