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Four Pharmacy students awarded by the association Spanish Social Pharmacy

Alfredo Andreu, Fares Ibrahim, Garazi Ruiz and María Chávarri were the winners of the contest "What worries me about my profession".

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From left to right, front: Alfredo Andreu, María Chávarri, Garazi Ruiz and Fares Ibrahim. Back: Guadalupe Beitia, José López Guzmán and Concepción Tros. PHOTO:
University of Navarra
31/03/14 11:19 Miriam Salcedo

On March 20, the prizes were awarded in the"What worries me about my profession" contest organized by the association Spanish Social Pharmacy (AEFAS) and the area of Humanities Pharmacists of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Navarra.

The prizes were awarded to four 4th year students of Degree in Pharmacy. Alfredo Andreu was the winner with his work graduate "One and all the others". Fares Ibrahim's paper "proposal honesta" won second place. The bronze went to Garazi Ruiz with his proposal "El papel del farmacéutico"(The role of the pharmacist). Finally, María Chávarri was awarded a runner-up prize for her dissertation "La necesidad de SER farmacéutico"(The need to BE a pharmacist). In addition to the accrediting diploma , the winners were awarded the publication of their work in the "No excipients" section of the AEFAS website.

The winners agreed on the honor of having been chosen, but above all, "the fact that the text can be read by more people, especially healthcare professionals", as Fares Ibrahim pointed out. For Alfredo Andreu, entering the competition also helped him to"think about the future of the pharmacy". For his part, Garazi Ruiz emphasized that this subject of activities financial aid helps students to get "closer to real life". María Chávarri insisted on this idea: "Participating in this initiative has helped me to realize what I have learned at degree program and to go deeper into the concept of 'Pharmacy'".

The jury was formed by: Concepción Tros (board member of teaching of AEFAS), Berta Lasheras (department of Pharmacology of the University of Navarra), Guadalupe Beitia (classroom of Pharmacy internship of the University of Navarra), Paz Ugalde (journalist and director of development of the School of Nursing) and José López Guzmán (area of Humanities Pharmaceutics of the University of Navarra).

The contest, which was aimed at students of the School Pharmacy School of the University of Navarra, was aimed at goal to detect the concerns of future pharmacists about their upcoming employment rate. Clarity and conciseness were criteria valued by the jury.