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Laura Casales, from the high school Liceo Monjardín, wins the XIII Geography Olympiad

It will participate in the national phase with Cayetana Esparza, from Liceo Monjardín, and Paula Álvarez de Eulate, from IES Ibaialde.

FotoManuelCastells/The three winners, together with Ainhoa Azkue (Liceo Monjardín) and Marina Aramendía (IES Ibaialde) and the teachers Dolores López and Juan José Pons from department of History, Art History and Geography.

31 | 03 | 2022

On March 17, the local phase of the XIII Geography Olympiad, organized by the high school of Geographers, the University of Navarra and the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), was held at the School of Philosophy and Letters.

In the development of the test first and second place went to Laura Casales and Cayetana Esparza, both from Liceo Monjardín, and third place to Paula Álvarez de Eulate Núñez, from IES Ibaialde.

The three students will participate in the national phase, which this year will be held on April 1 and 2, 2022, in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid).