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Amaia González de Zárate (BQM'22): "At the University of Navarra they have taught me to love Science".

After studying Biochemistry , Amaia has received a scholarship which she is going to use to do a Master's Degree at the University of Radboud (The Netherlands).

/Amaia is doing her TFG at the department de Terapia Génica del CIMA, with Dr. Cristian Smerdou.

31 | 05 | 2022

Amaia González de Zárate has just finished Biochemistry and at the age of 22 she is going to study at the University of Radboud (The Netherlands) for a degree in Molecular Biology Master's Degree . And this is thanks to scholarship from the La Caixa Foundation, for which more than 1,000 applications were submitted and only 100 have received this funding. "I am proud to feel that all the effort I have put in over the years has been rewarded with such a beautiful opportunity, which I will not hesitate to take advantage of," says Amaia González de Zárate.

Since she started degree program at Biochemistry Amaia has been clear that her future lies in the biomedicalresearch , specifically in the field of Genetics. "Since the first year of degree program I knew that research was my path, and I fought to make a small niche for myself in the world. My passion for science is immeasurable, and I feel that a doctoral thesis could fit in with my future prospects".

González de Zárate is very happy with the training received at Degree at Biochemistry and highlights both the excellence and the opportunities received. "At this university they have taught me to love science," she says.

The young woman from Vitoria highlights the knowledge she has acquired about the mechanisms that allow the human body to function and especially values the Research Training Program, "a programme that allows students to enter the world of research for two years. For me it has been a wonderful experience that has opened many doors".

For Amaia, the differential values of Degree in Biochemistry at the University of Navarra are "the high quality and attentiveness teaching, the programme mentor, the facilities for the internships, the material at laboratory, the real concern for student, the proximity to the humanity of the people and the values that are transmitted".

Amaia is optimistic about the future and is pursuing her dream of working in the field of biomedical research when she finishes her programs of study at postgraduate program. "I'm not worried about not being exceptional, but I do hope to work in what motivates me and to be happy in my new life as a scientist," she concludes.