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The University receives its first perpetual scholarship from a Tecnun-School of Engineering alumni.

The agreement between the University and Bruno Bernal, former student of Tecnun, gives rise to the scholarship BAN EOSOL Bruno Bernal


31 | 05 | 2024

Bruno Bernal, a native of Cordoba and former student of Tecnun-Escuela de Ingeniería has signed a agreement with the University of Navarra by which he donates the first perpetual scholarship of a former student for the Campaign "75 scholarships for the 75th anniversary of the University". The goal of this campaign is to raise an additional 15 million euros for the Alumni Scholarships fund over the next five years, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the center. With this amount, 75 scholarships could be endowed, for an average amount of 7,500 euros. 

The University of Navarra's president , María Iraburu, thanked Bernal for his gesture towards the academic center: "When constructing a building, the moment of breaking ground is important. This is the first stone, we are constructing a new building thanks to you". 

The scholarship has been named "scholarship BAN EOSOL Bruno Bernal". Bruno Bernal is CEO of EOSOL, a group of engineering services companies with a presence in more than 45 countries. Bernal says that if he himself had not received a scholarship, he would not be where he is today: "I was very lucky to receive a scholarship from the University of Navarra. I feel very fortunate and honored to have started with nothing and today to be able to make this donation and thus refund what was once given to me," he says. "I am convinced that in life you have to give before you receive, you have to work before you reap and, therefore, now I want to start, with a lot of effort and sacrifice, a path so that other students like me can study at the University. I am signing this donation with the goal to start a path that I hope will become a tradition". 

"These grants are called Perpetual scholarships because when the student finishes his or her programs of study, the scholarship goes to another student. This perpetual character ensures the recurrence and durability of the impact," explains Javier Ortega, director of the University's development service.

programs of study The Alumni Scholarships Program was launched in 2003, with the aim of allowing students to study at the University of Navarra regardless of their financial situation status . It is supported by contributions from alumni, friends of the University, businesses and other individuals and institutions that believe in the project of the academic center. "Since the creation of the Alumni Scholarships Program, more than 1,900 university students have attended programs of study thanks to the 39.6 million euros contributed by 17,371 people and 51 companies," adds Javier Ortega, director of the University of Navarra's development service.