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The School of Philosophy and Letters organizes a congress of students to promote the preservation of the report family

Students from Degrees in language and Spanish Literature, History and Engineering have participated.

31 | 05 | 2024

Last May 29th took place the II congress of students "Family memories. Literature, history, ethnography and identity". The meeting is part of an Innovation project professor that bears the same name and is coordinated by the professors of School of Philosophy and Letters Naiara Ardanaz, Ana Belén Martínez, Ana Zabalza and Lydia Mangado.

degree scroll The workshop began with a discussion paper by Antonio Moreno, professor at School in Economics, which was titled "Motherhood as a privileged expression of femininity". Then, the participating students - from Degrees in language and Spanish Literature, History and Engineering - presented their papers, in which they reflected, documented and interpreted stories from their family past. The papers are the result of the work developed in different subjects of the Core Curriculum.

Some of the papers presented at workshop focused on exile, such as work by Francis Andrea Prada; emigration from Palestine to El Salvador, by Ana Simán; or the exodus in search of work, by Juan Lacosta. For his part, Zsófi Friedrich reconstructed the persecution of Jews under the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later in the Holocaust; and Iván Hernández Valls documented the story of his grandfather, one of the children sent to the USSR during the Spanish Civil War.

In this thread on X (formerly Twitter) the event was narrated live.