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30 | 11 | 2023

Tomás Gómez-Acebo, director of the Energy Transition Chair of the Repsol Foundation at the University: "We are designing a decarbonized world with green hydrogen as the main actor".

ImagenManuel Castells


23 | 11 | 2023

The University, 37th in the world in employability, according to the Emerging ranking for Times Higher Education

ImagenJosé Juan Rico


22 | 11 | 2023

More than 200 people celebrate in Pamplona the 60th anniversary of ISSA School of Applied Management


21 | 11 | 2023

The University launches a Master's Degree in sustainability

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20 | 11 | 2023

The "Campus Osasuna-University of Navarra" is born.

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20 | 11 | 2023

More than 1,100 students participate in the first workshop Open Doors of the 24/25 academic year at the University.

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17 | 11 | 2023

José María Álvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefónica: "Our purpose is to make the world more human by connecting people's lives".

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15 | 11 | 2023

María Iraburu, president: "We want to train students with a vocation for service and capable of seeing the social dimension of their profession".

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13 | 11 | 2023

Teachers from 33 schools in Navarra meet at the IX workshop for guidance counselors organized by the University.

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10 | 11 | 2023

Emotional connection, power and informational impact: three reasons why disinformation prevails in political content


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