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El Diario Vasco

Ane Zurriarain Díaz

We were all alerted by the 'mega-shooting' caused in mid-June in Mallorca by the end-of-year trips. And it was not the only one. The need to attend to all the cases related to the pandemic created a collapse in Spanish healthcare, increasing waiting lists by up to two months for interventions, consultations, medical tests, etc. The most affected have been chronic patients, as their treatments were interrupted. In August the case of a cardiac patient in Navarra who died after 76 days waiting for an appointment with his cardiologist, quotation , was reported. And this is not an isolated case. In spite of the efforts of the professionals work , it is essential that the health authorities, in close liaison with the country's government, seek solutions so that a new health emergency does not neglect other pathologies. Face-to-face appointments are back, but how can we as a society justify ourselves to the relatives of deceased patients?