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The unknown nurse


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Diario de Navarra

Idoia Fidalgo Elizalde | Idoia Fidalgo Elizalde

4th year Nursing student at the University of Navarra

Nurses in Covid times, emergency nurses, ICU nurses, nurses in health centers and nursing homes... Haven't you heard of all these nurses? All the professionals who occupy these spaces and different specialties are recognized.

As a 4th year nursing student, I can only admire this profession and even more so after what we have experienced in the last two years. However, if we do an exercise listing all the branches and areas in which these professionals work, there will surely be one specialization program that will be left out of the list and that, unfortunately, we do not find easily in our community.

Who knows about the school nurse? While it is true that many people will know about this figure, many others have probably never heard of it. Simply put, this is the nurse who works in schools.

In Spain there is currently no law regulating the presence of school nurses in educational centers. Navarra has this figure in nine centers: Education special Andrés Muños Garde, Torre de Monreal, Ikastola San Fermín, The British School of Navarra, Santa María la Real, Isteria special Education center, San Ignacio, Liceo Monjardín and Sagrado Corazón. Although the latter three do not have a full shift.

Communities such as Valencia, Madrid or Cantabria have a greater implantation of this figure. However, there are countries such as France or Germany in which the school nurse is a figure with greater seniority.

His work covers a wide range of competences, among them: treatment of students with chronic diseases, ADHD "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" (together with those who develop the pedagogical work) or prevention and management of bullying cases. Without forgetting its performance in any accident that may occur such as falls, breaches, blows or epileptic seizures. In addition, she will be the intermediary between high school and the health specialists that may be required by student body.

As a student in a center educational that I have been and future nurse that I will be, I consider the role of school nurses to be of special importance. Undoubtedly, its implementation will favor the approach of essential topics and points of view in the Education, which require someone qualified to do so, both in the early stages, as well as in adolescence. For the peace of mind and safety of academic staff, families and students of Navarre, let's discover the unknown nurse!