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Be you manager


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AltoAragón Newspaper

Gerardo Castillo

Professor School of Education and Psychology

On the occasion of covid-19, the government and municipalities are appealing to everyone's responsibility, since many lives depend on it. The history of medicine sample shows that the most successful therapy in the containment of pandemics was individual responsibility. Unfortunately, there is a sector of young people who do not respond to these appeals; they are the ones who organize clandestine night parties in the most unlikely places, such as a solitary Shrine of Our Lady of Fair Love on the cima of a mountain or a crypt of a convent. Acting clandestinely and running the risk of being located and fined turns the "get-together" into an exciting adventure.

Political leaders and educators can learn a lot from such misconduct. The first lesson is not to remember Saint Barbara only when it thunders. After many years of tolerance of the botellón by the majority of City Councils, it is difficult to get young people to suddenly cut with a deep-rooted habit, to be occasionally responsible. And even more difficult in a society with a crisis of values, in which freedom is understood as detached independence and not as freedom manager and committed. Today, "freedom from" (simple free will") is accepted, but not so much "freedom to" (to do good); there is much talk of exterior freedom, but very little of interior freedom. A person who is kidnapped has been deprived of his external freedom, but not of internal freedom, since he can maintain his personal beliefs and convictions. On the other hand, a person who is free to move can remain a slave to the inner limitations of his freedom: ignorance, lukewarmness, laziness, frivolity, self-sufficiency, permanent indecision, etc. This is clearly seen in a passage from Don Quixote. The bailiff tells Sancho that he will sleep in jail that night, to which the latter replies: you can put me in jail, but whether I sleep or not is up to me.

The second teaching is that you can't ask for pears from an elm tree. No one taught these young partiers how to have fun manager, not even their parents, who boasted of being "liberal" parents. Others told their child from an early age to "be manager," as if that could be achieved on the spot, without the need for a process educational. Both parents and rulers should remember that in order to reap, one must first sow, and do so with patience and hope. Seneca said that after a bad harvest, it is also necessary to sow. He added that the best method to educate is the good example: "long is the way with precepts; short and effective with examples. If we ask a child what it means to be manager, he or she will say that it means "doing things right", "doing what mom and dad say", "doing your homework". This is what their parents usually pass on to them. But the term responsibility is broader than just fulfilling obligations. What is essential is commitment. A person manager accepts the consequences of his or her own actions and decisions. The RAE defines responsibility as "capacity existing in every active subject of law to recognize and accept the consequences of an act freely performed." When our children are young we want them to be more obedient. But when they leave childhood we do not want them to be submissive, but to have their own criteria and decide knowing the consequences of their actions. That means we want them to be responsible.

Some politicians nowadays, when they obtain bad results in elections, say that this is because they did not succeed in conveying their message, so that, in the future, "more pedagogy is needed". They do not wonder if what failed were not so much the slogans at the end of the campaign rallies, but the absence of true values shared on a daily basis. This lack of responsibility can be seen in many sessions of the congress of the Deputies: every time the civil service examination blames the government for some negligence, the answer is "and you more". And vice versa. We are still waiting for a deputy to recognize a mistake and make an amendment purpose . It will be a manifestation that he puts the common good before the interests and ideology of his party. I suggest recording it so that children learn to be more responsible.