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Where is the applause?


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Gipuzkoa News

Irune Carrillo

Does anyone remember when we all went out to our balconies to applaud at 8 p.m.? It was a thank you sample from home to all those health workers who fought against the pandemic. Today, they are still fighting against this pandemic, but what about the applause? During this time of emergency it has become clear that we need more staff healthcare in our country, both from staff doctors and nurses. This has meant and means a huge burden of work leading to stress, exhaustion, anxiety ..., and as the months go by it seems that the support received for their dedication and effort has been left behind. As a future nurse I dream that my work will have the same recognition as last year, when healthcare workers became our heroes. I want them, when caring for patients, to thank our work nursing team. I hope and wish that this whole healthcare crisis will serve to give value and visibility to all the people who dedicated, dedicate and will dedicate themselves to this profession: nursing.