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Sara Sáenz de Villaverde López |

Covid has been a global health crisis that has left its mark on all of us, and especially on health workers. As status improved, we were gradually assimilating what we had been through. A tribute was paid to the victims, with the well-known speech of Aroa, a nurse who wanted to reflect the efforts of all those who had worked tirelessly. This speech touched the whole population, telling us about the hard moments they had spent being the messengers of the last goodbye of people who were dying alone.

Today we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is time to look back and analyse how things were done. It is precisely in this important step that those who experienced it on the front line have been left behind. Looking at the components of the committee of assessment of the management of covid, there are economists, epidemiologists and professors: where are the health workers who were working at the bedside? Those who worked with hardly any resources, exhausted and powerless in the face of the impossibility of providing better care to patients.

It seems that a healthcare collective as numerous as the nursing profession, whose speech we were thrilled with months ago, has been left in oblivion. Given the importance of work and the dedication of nurses and other healthcare workers in this crisis, it is striking that no voice has been given to those people who lived through this crisis on the front line and whom we applaud so gratefully because they did not abandon us at a time when we needed them so much. Let us not forget this group of people who, with all their experience and extensive knowledge, dedicate their time beyond their work obligations.