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María Beunza Mijimolle, Professor of Master's Degree in Personnel Management Service of the University of Navarra and co-founder of project Innovactoras (

Words persuade, example drags

Fri, 08 Mar 2019 10:48:00 +0000 Published in News Journal

In 2017, the UN revealed that the issue of men exceeds that of women by almost 60 million people. This reality would be no problem if it were not for the fact that, in many parts of the world, this difference also manifests itself in other areas where it should not: fewer opportunities for women to exercise their rights, less access to Education, fewer possibilities to realize themselves in the professional field of their choice and, of course, fewer referrals.

Changing these circumstances depends on global commitments that unite efforts among the different sectors of society and that we take seriously the motto of the diary 2030 that proposes "leaving no one behind" in order to achieve sustainable development . But, above all, it depends on having good female role models to serve as examples for girls and young women, so that they do not consider their condition as something immovable and so that they have real and accessible sources of inspiration.

International consensus is desirable, he said, but paper holds everything and if we wait for it to arrive, everything will be slower. As it is one thing to preach and another to give wheat, a couple of years ago we started the project Innovactoras, which today already collects on the web and in a book the trajectory and testimonies of 50 women and young innovators from 16 countries. Our goal is that any organization wishing to promote innovation, have inspiring and real references.

Beyond the activities and functions that these innovators perform, it is their attitudes and behaviors that truly make the difference between those who innovate to create and those who remain in the comfort of the familiar even if it doesn't work. The Word Economic Forum proposed the "skills" that will be necessary to address and face today's challenges: critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, communication, partnership, curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership and social awareness. And, although the specialist in the future of work Stowe Boyd considers them outdated, whether we are men or women, we need real and close references with these skills. Women innovators are an empirical demonstration that these skills lead to better social and economic outcomes.

Over the years that I have worked with women entrepreneurs, I have witnessed their greater intrinsic and transcendental motivation. My theory is that social innovation will be led by women, in the North and in the South. Even so, we need good, real and close references to inspire us. Let us remember that, in order to educate, words are convincing, but example carries us along.