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Martín Santiváñez , researcher of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) and Visiting Fellow of SAIS-Johns Hopkins University

The death of others


Fri, 09 Aug 2013 10:20:00 +0000 Published in The World

The tropical Leviathan that Castroism has built over 60 years systematically demands a quota of blood. The legitimacy of model is a function of the terror that the leader and the party are capable of imposing. The quota, that concept that every convicted and self-confessed revolutionary learns in the popular schools, is the payment demanded by the ideology to build here on earth the apathetic paradise, the Eden of the new man, a myth cherished by the remnants of Guevarism.

Thus, the State ruled by the Castros, adapting principles of communist orthodoxy to the Latin American reality, has followed the old political guide outlined by Marx, the man who wrote, in a fit of radical sincerity, that what he (and his disciples) did was to "utter gigantic curses". In reality, what Castroism has done with Cuba is the road map of all communist regimes that have been, are and will be. Everything is legitimized if it builds the future. Following this logic, blood can and must be offered in holocaust if it consolidates the revolution.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a state built under these totalitarian and Manichean ideological premises has decided to assassinate a major opponent such as Oswaldo Payá. With no economic achievements to offer after six decades of messianism and statolatry, the Castro brothers can only stay in power by employing on the domestic front, indistinctly, massive coercion or selective annihilation. Furthermore, abroad, Castroism enjoys the material support of ALBA and the political complicity of that bloc that some analysts call the "new Latin American left": the Lulismo of the PT, the Chilean socialism of Bachelet, the Peruvian confluence of Villaran, etc.

The reality is clear: the Latin American "new left" has never stopped attending the kiss-and-treats that Havana periodically organizes.
This is the police state that has assassinated Oswaldo Payá after persecuting him throughout his public life. This is the classic tyranny that Payá confronted with courage, faith and determination. A despotism that appeals to fear, commissariat and popular judgment, supported by the applause or complicit silence of its ideological relatives. It is not a State different from the dictatorships that built walls, gulags or concentration camps. The Degree of refinement, the sophistication that the Castro's instrument has developed in surveillance and repression is only understandable if we take into account the international support, the external umbrella, the financial aid or the silence of the global community. Oswaldo Payá was not only an internal obstacle. He had become a dangerous reference on a global scale.

The revolutionary logic, that of the quota for the future, came into play materializing in the assassination narrated to EL MUNDO by Angel Carromero. The existence, the very vital condition of a leader who preached the message of freedom, unity and reconciliation was unbearable for a party that has legitimized itself for six decades based on fear and division.

The death of Oswaldo Payá is not just another crime of the Castro dictatorship. His assassination can and should generate an international reaction that liquidates the aspiration of converting the Castros, at the point of make-up, into the enlightened authors of a different, but tolerable, popular democracy.

Spain should not pact with State terrorism. If it wants to recover the initiative at the regional level, the Government must denounce the irregularities of the Payá case, the illegality of the attention to Carromero and the dictatorial repression that strangles the Cuban civil service examination day by day. Whoever remains silent in the face of Payá's death is a corpse, an inert body for democracy. Because Oswaldo, the Social Christian, always embodied the best of Cuba: the synthesis over the divisions, the courageous denunciation before the international forum and the hope for a real change. The others, those who have built by force of ideology a ferocious dictatorship and those who keep silent moved by false political calculations, converge in the same and execrable result: the material prolongation of a tropical Leviathan that demands in holocaust, from time to time, the blood quota of the best children of freedom.