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Educating with health


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Lydia Sainz Zugasti

Following the covid-19 pandemic, the work of professionals in schools has intensified. Many teachers have taken on a certain healthcare role and performed tasks in this area, with the consequent questions about their training and their responsibility. In countries such as France or England there are school nurses in most schools. However, the current status of school nursing in Spain is far from the European average . Why is there no investment in School Nursing in Spain? It is not only health professionals who see the role of school nurses as necessary, but also the parents and academic staff of the students. The latter should have the opportunity to be attended by a professional in case of emergency. Likewise, a high issue of children suffer from chronic diseases, for example; diabetes mellitus or epilepsy, which require greater observation and specialized care, which they do not have. Promoting the health of children and adolescents during their school years is important so that they begin to develop healthy lifestyles and thus prevent diseases. That is why I wonder: Will we ever get to join two fields as necessary as Education and health in the same starting point of the development of future generations?