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Pedro Nueno, Professor, IESE Business School, University of Navarra


Sun, 14 Mar 2010 09:56:27 +0000 Published in La Vanguardia (Barcelona)

I had a meeting with an authority of the place Sant Jaume. I didn't want to be late. I left IESE (in Pedralbes) in good time. Thanks to that fantastic Diagonal that they haven't spoiled us yet, through which driving you get excited seeing your city, and Pau Claris, in 25 minutes I was in the phenomenal subway parking under the place of the Cathedral. I go up, look at the clock, missing average hour. I see an attractive cafeteria suggesting incredible tapas. Encouraged despite going to see one of our authorities, I think "I'm going to have a tapa". Suddenly, my guardian angel stops me and says: "How long has it been since you entered the cathedral?". I look at the cathedral and answer, "Many years." "Why don't you go inside instead of taking the lid off?" he continues. I notice that the devil tells me: "Take the tapa, silly, that will be as usual, four old men, dark...". I see it's starting to rain. This annoys me. It is one thing to try to persuade me with arguments, but to be put in the downpour to get me in the cafeteria does not go with me. I go to the cathedral. They charge to enter and there are two Americans who say that at Saint Patrick's they don't charge and that this robbery costs them $15. The devil laughs: "More expensive than the cover, I was telling you". My guardian angel tells me, "It's not right to charge, but you're already here and that one has set the downpour in motion." I pay and go in.

I walk around looking at chapels remembering what my grandmother explained to me. You have to pray to Saint Pancrazio to find you a good work. I see many little (electric) candles lit, but no place to leave resumes, although his face reminds me of a former student head hunter. What would St. Pancrazio think of retirement. I think he would like people to retire as late as possible but also that those who want to work but can't find a job employment should have a good allowance. I am surprised that it is full of young foreigners. I reproached the devil: "You're not up to date, my boy". The guardian angel smiles and waves his hand. The young people take pictures in front of the chapels. Suddenly, I can't believe it, there is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Joy. And it doesn't have any electric candles lit. I think I'm going to put in a euro. "You still have time for the lid," the devil tells me, "and I've already stopped the rain. I can't leave the joy in the dark. I throw in a euro and ten little lamps light up. I throw in another euro and it lights up. Two young people take a photo. The guardian angel is happy, the other one pretends to be.

If things aren't going well, it's freezing cold, and there's heavy snowfall, how can we keep Our Lady of Joy in the dark? Maybe that's where we have the solution. The guardian angel suggests to me that I should throw the devil off the scent at the Munich airport by going to Shanghai afterwards. Look," I tell him, "the last time we did it, he got angry and on the way back, it was all about temptations. Besides, the Chinese demon on duty for me in Shanghai was clueless and his temptations were a waste of time. Don't overdo it.

I saw our authority and it went well. I finished soon and returning I took the lid. I didn't want to leave the demon completely frustrated. You never know. Maybe one day I will need him and it is always good to listen, but judiciously. Take heart and remember Our Lady of Joy. We have her in the cathedral. In these times, you have to try everything.