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Less applause and more patience


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Diario de Navarra

Hanna Beata Glowacka

4th year Nursing student at the University of Navarra

Chaos. Fear. Confusion and uncertainty. Does this description ring any bells? We are talking about March 2020, when it became official that Spain is another of many countries in the world infected by the coronavirus. On 13 March, a state of alert was declared in Spain. For many people this meant partial reduction - the hated ERTES multiplied and only a blessed few could continue with their work from their homes. In this way, the coronavirus affected not only public health but also Economics, Education, social life and practically all dimensions of our lives. The compulsory cohabitation of families with young children, with no teachers' financial aid and no extracurricular activities has been a truly tough experience.

However, those who did have work were staff in the health sector. Doctors, nurses, staff cleaners and orderlies, all of them simply did not have time to be afraid because they were busy saving lives, mastering the chaos that broke out in hospitals, emergency rooms and health centres. Nurses were trying to master the disorder, to overcome fears for their own families and loved ones.

People outside the health sector knew about it. Throughout the confinement, at 8 p.m. sharp, they would lean out of balconies or windows and applaud them.

In March 2020 I was in my 3rd year of nursing. One of the hardest experiences was the impossibility of comforting my colleagues because I could not yet exercise the work of the nurse. Lack of this contact staff who were in the middle of the war against the virus made me feel very helpless.

However, this nice and touching gesture was not the most helpful for the whole staff health service at that moment. More patience and more trust in their evaluation criteria would be of much more significance financial aid . Of course, there were grateful patients who waited their turn calmly and with great Education. There were also impatient, ungrateful people with little knowledge of medicine. And to these people I would like to kindly ask: please do not applaud so much and have more patience and trust in the nurses.