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Ricardo Mateo, School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Navarra, Spain.

Change of model productive

Tue, 16 Mar 2010 10:46:43 +0000 Published in Expansion (Madrid)

In Spain, many people, every day, stop going to work or are unproductive. They consciously take refuge in their rights, social guarantees and, above all, in the strength of their unions, forgetting their work responsibilities. These workers, who could produce more and better, have become a great burden, which has to be financed at the end of each month. Any change of model under these conditions, would be one more mistake.

If we use the example of sport. When a person has gained a lot of weight and his body has obesity, he may think that he should change his activity and instead of doing athletics, as he has been doing so far, things would be better if he did swimming or basketball. However, any doctor would first tell you to get in shape, get rid of fat and get into good eating habits. Obesity is a burden that can endanger your own life and will be the cause of further failures.

In view of the announcements of "Let's change the productive model ", it is highly recommended to pay attention to the doctor, remove fats, eat well and be more competitive. It is urgent to eliminate weight from our Economics, represented by those millions of people who work badly or who receive undue payment from their organizations or from the state. At present, companies, and above all the state, have serious problems to do without these workers.

What new productive model can survive, when the cost of people working poorly, or not at all, is enormous for the people responsible?

How can a productive model compete with other economies in a globalized market, when so many people are a suffocating burden on productive people, demanding social charges and taxes for them?

I propose that before changing to a new productive model , the lack of productivity should be discouraged, blatant absenteeism, lack of effort and participation in the organizations should be reduced. For this, it is very convenient to reorient the model of the unions, focusing them on the interest of their own business. Also, eliminate inefficient civil servants, reduce the cost of social charges on companies and free up the money that the state is absorbing due to its enormous fiscal deficit, making it difficult to finance business projects.

When someone asks me if money brings happiness, I always say: no. But I add, it does finance it. But I add, it does finance it. You could have money to finance great projects and help people in need to find work, and you would be happy. But also, you could finance the idleness of many people and your own, and that would make you unhappy. Money should be invested in projects that generate wealth, increase individual responsibility and initiative, and help to improve. Unfortunately, tax money and work, is financing many who have lost the sense of work well done, but who defend their social rights tooth and nail. This is an unbearable burden for those who work well, for new projects to be created and for any productive model , no matter how imaginative it may be.

Let's change the productive model , from agreement! First, however, let's allow organizations to get in shape by eliminating their fat and reorienting everyone's efforts. This will increase the probability of success. Then, let the organizations and individuals themselves engage in the activity in which they are most competitive, supporting their individual initiative and responsibility staff to create new business projects.