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Santiago Álvarez de Mon, Professor, IESE, University of Navarra

The Metacrisis

Wed, 17 Mar 2010 09:34:29 +0000 Published in Expansion (Madrid)

Metacrisis, the crisis hidden under or within the more epidermal layers of the referred phenomenon. Examples. The financial crisis. On its surface, red numbers, company closures, layoffs in bulk... the typical feverish picture of a sick organism. Symptomatological treatment? Economic protectionism in a global world, subsidies, aid from the once reviled State, social coverage networks, etc... Questions:profile executive and moral of the professionals who led the system to bankruptcy? Consistency and fairness of remuneration policies? Responsibility of regulators? Public money, saving incompetent private institutions because they are big? Crisis of the Philosophy of effort, merit and perseverance? Responsibility of a consumerist citizenry leveraged to the gills, living dangerously beyond their means? Reckless fracture of principles and values that dignify entrepreneurial activity, crushed by Darwinian greed? 2. Media. In the daily maelstrom, much disorientation. Serious deterioration of profitability, staff adjustments, changes of organizational Structures , decrease of advertising, unnatural mergers, and so on. Deeper dilemmas: structural crisis, of model, new paradigms, impact of the Internet, residual and emerging formats, role of a multimedia group in the information society? Rise of citizen journalism, banalization of a profession? What is it to be a journalist? Qualities that should adorn him/her: honesty, humility, patience, curiosity, freedom? Defects to watch out for: narcissism, arrogance, frivolity, self-indulgence? Relations with economic and political power?mission statement: inform, entertain, spread culture, control power, make money? Learning capacity? 3. Democracy. Deafening noise. Consubstantial to its nature is the hygienic alternation of government and civil service examination. goal The strategies and tactics to win over the adversary. Tearing the surface, other questions arise: reasons for the lack of credibility (planetary problem), of the political class ? consequences of the weariness and skepticism of civil society? pending reforms to renew and strengthen the architecture of stagnant and fragile democracies? predictable resistance of a political-bureaucratic apparatus averse to uncertainty? arguments to convince, inspire and engage the men and women of today?

These two levels of analysis also apply to more mundane and insubstantial realities. A case in point, my dear Real Madrid, hurts me like Spain hurts Unamuno. Multi-million dollar investment, European elimination, an erupting volcano that spits out a lava spurred by some hooligans of the pen. Is it sensible to look for scapegoats like Higuain, yesterday a great player, today a helpless scapegoat (poor kid, salvific Valladolid hat trick )? In a serious club, success is defined by a few centimeters, those that separate a shot against the post from a decisive goal? Is it stigmatizing the mistake by elevating it to the condition of failure? Let's dig a little deeper: can we ask for responsibility from someone who is not given the power? How far does Pellegrini's decision-making autonomy go? Who has put together a squad with huge gaps? Who has signed and dispensed with players? Who looks after a pool of talented players who, in addition to playing for report, share certain values? Who goes to the market to order signings - midfielders and wingers - to make up for the obvious current deficiencies? At final, in the technical area, which is critical for a sports club, who is in charge? All these questions, if one thinks of Barça, are answered with a specific name and surname . Yes, exactly the one you have thought of. In Madrid, a list of people is needed, headed by the one you also intuit. Knowing that culturally we are not the oasis of the British Premier , Manchester, Arsenal, Barcelona... great players and free coaches with full powers, is the formula. The equation presidentialist regime-stars-weak coach is not the way to excellence and exemplarity.

This does not mean that Madrid can win the league, hopefully, and Barça will finish the season without any degree scroll. The whims of the little ball, it is a game and as such unpredictable. However, the diagnosis about the goodness of both models would remain the same. The role of a good manager is to design an environment of professionalism and work that seduces and encourages "good luck". Sooner or later, aptitude and attitude will have their chance. Give them time and confidence by removing the eavesdroppers.