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Jesús María Larumbe, Lawyer and Professor of Law, University of Navarra, Spain School

Increased union control

Sat, 18 Feb 2012 12:19:07 +0000 Published in

The media have reported the decision of the Community of Madrid to reduce the issue number of hours dedicated by the so-called "liberados sindicales" to the work of representation and defense of the interests of workers and civil servants. This has provoked in society a discussion on this figure. The Workers' Statute recognizes the right of representation of workers in the business through the committees of business -more than 50 workers- or delegates of staff, one of whose essential rights consists of the so-called credit schedule , by which they can be absent from work to carry out representation and defense work, with a minimum of 15 hours per month and a maximum of 40 hours, without prejudice to what is agreed in the collective bargaining agreements.

A representative who accumulates the union credit schedule of one or more colleagues from committee is called a union representative and is Exempt from attend to work. He does not work at business but receives his salary.

The existence of the freed freedmen is questioned when the discussion should refer to the financing of their cost. The important role of workers' representatives should not be discussed, but the discussion should focus on the excessive issue of hours they are recognized, with an obvious disproportion in relation to the work they perform. This is the discussion and, in my opinion, the measure adopted by the Community of Madrid is in accordance with the law and should allow the discussion.