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Martín Santiváñez, researcher of the Navarra Center for International Development of the University of Navarra

Peaceful resistance

Sat, 20 Apr 2013 12:13:00 +0000 Published in The World

The heirs of Chávez have carried out a coup d'état in Venezuela. And the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) has just endorsed the Chavist dictatorship in Lima. The Summit hastily summoned by Ollanta Humala to legitimize the Chavism's dolphin is a clear sample of the extent to which numerous Latin American rulers and political movements feel indebted to Caracas. The generous wallet of the Comandante is a powerful reason that emerges from beyond the grave to explain the sad behavior of several Latin American presidents.

Unasur, one of the geopolitical spawn of 21st century socialism, has fulfilled its mission statement favoring the transformation of Maduro's dictatorship into a tropical Peronism. The militarization of Chavismo is clear. Maduro knows that only with the support of the praetorians he will survive the internal pressure. That is why he praises praetorianism every day, repeats the mantra of "civic-military government" and threatens his rivals with the rifle and then cries: "Peace, peace, peace, peace! This bipolarity "is only possible in socialism", as the Chavista campaign slogans say.

Yes, because it is the supposedly post-modern, open and democratic Latin American socialism that has chosen to close ranks with Maduro and prop up his autocracy. It is understandable that Sebastián Piñera, a man who has barely managed to survive his internal front, is shipwrecked in this
his internal front, is shipwrecked in this subject of international covens. Santos is not surprising either. A leader like him, organically assembled for power, does not want a flammable neighbor, even less with the FARC in the middle. And we all knew that Humala has an old debt with Chavism, but nothing made us suspect that it would be so high. The real instigators of the Lima declaration are the socialist presidents who arouse so much admiration in a sector of the public opinion.

After this Unasur Summit, it is quite obvious that Correa, Evo Morales, Mujica, Dilma Rousseff (and her mentor, Lula), CFK and the long etcetera of the usufructuaries of the Bolivarian revolution that were economically supported by Chávez, have decided to sustain the plundering of the Venezuelan State with this gesture of compadrazgo. The electoral reductionism on which the propagandists of Chavism rely on is indefensible. Democracy is much more than a rigged election. Latin America must not allow the Chavista fraud to consolidate. Only boldness and external support will save the civil service examination. And peaceful resistance, encouraged by democrats around the world. Capriles has to resist in the streets without violence, but conscious that these weeks are vital to avoid the prolongation of a dictatorship that has divided the whole continent using the black money of corruption.

Let us not fool ourselves. It is not only Venezuelans whose future is at stake. The freedom of all Latin America is at stake, threatened by the Manichean radicalism financed from Caracas. And for that freedom, as Bolivar rightly said, it is worth fighting for.