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José Luis Orihuela , Professor of Communication, School , University of Navarra, Spain.

The culture of participation

Sun, 25 Apr 2010 08:28:35 +0000 Published in ABC (Madrid)

The management of user comments in cybermedia has always been a controversial and complex issue. On the one hand, the medium facilitates ways of participation that improve its relationship with the audience, but on the other hand it faces the problem of maintaining a quality conversation in a high-traffic environment that attracts "trolls" and users who only take advantage of the visibility conferred by the medium to make themselves noticed, to cloud debates, to spread extremist ideologies or to show off their ignorance and immaturity. The new forms of user participation reveal the limits of the utopia of conversation, which has been one of the driving forces behind the social web. We are learning that conversations do not happen automatically because of the existence of participation tools, but require a culture of participation in which mutual respect, coherence and Education are a necessary condition.