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Rafael Callejo Gimeno, Director of area of works and installations, University of Navarra.

An open campus

Fri, 26 Feb 2010 11:36:00 +0000 Published in Newspaper (Navarra)

The Campus of the University of Navarra is a space open to public use. This is verified every day by the neighbors who stroll through its green areas, the athletes who run along its paths or make use of the sports center, the engaged couples who come down to take a picture near the well to keep a souvenir of their wedding day, the pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago, the motorists who drive along the tree-lined road, the passengers of the "villavesa" that stops in front of the Central Building, the families who on weekends enjoy the inexpensive menu of the university dining hall and all those who attend the classical music concerts, conferences and the endless number of Cultural Activities Office open to the public that take place throughout the year.

This open nature has been safeguarded despite the fact that just over a year ago the University was the victim of a terrorist attack. This led to the restriction of parking spaces and a request that those visiting the campus by car park in front of the sports center, but no measures were put in place to affect pedestrians inside the campus.

The same freedom with which pedestrians circulate today on the grounds of the University of Navarra will be enjoyed by cyclists who make use of the three bike lanes that will be built thanks to the agreement signed between this institution and the Pamplona City Council. These new routes will be added to the existing partial stretches, which are already in operation, without any inconvenience to their users, as reported by subject . One of them comes from Abejeras to campus, while the other, which leave by source del Hierro, also corresponds to the Camino de Santiago.

This welcoming character is guaranteed in the Sectorial Plan of Supramunicipal Incidence Campus of the University of Navarra, C on July 31, 1990. This text states that "the open spaces between buildings shall be kept open to the public. The public use of these spaces must avoid the emission and diffusion of noise and anti-civic or unsympathetic behavior that may affect the cleanliness and maintenance of Campus or hinder its use by other people and, in general, must respect the character and university use of the buildings and facilities and may be limited for reasons of safety or conservation of vegetation".

The University of Navarra only aspires that those who ride on the new bike lanes respect the environment of teaching and research typical of a university campus .

Along with reiterating the open nature of its campus, the University of Navarra would like to express its support for the project Pamplona Bike Lane promoted by the Pamplona City Council. The goal of this plan, which materializes the Pact for the City of Pamplona mobility , is to recover the quality of urban space and ensure road safety in public space, while promoting the bicycle as a true alternative means of transport and encouraging its use among pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.