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Future, the time of leaders

Santiago Álvarez de Mon, Professor, IESE, University of Navarra

Future, the time of leaders

Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:07:18 +0000 Published in Expansion

Yesterday passes over the fire, over the sea, over the earth. Nothing can erase it, because it is breath, destiny. There is no choice but to put it in the bag, and how heavy it weighs. The present is just a dividing line, a frontier of little use. One steps on it and passes it, and the greedy future receives us with its implacable embrace," writes Benedetti. The present, a thin and elusive strip, is my favorite time, the only real and tangible one. A thin hinge between two mastodons, well managed, it is reliable. Simple, discreet and brief, that is its natural being, the better it is treated the more room it makes for the past and the future. Burgenthal, doctor of wisdom from the tragic University of Auschwitz, knows something of this: "My past would inspire my future and endow it with meaning". The first casualty of a superficially lived present is a future mortgaged by today's mistakes, turned into tomorrow's regretful ballast. What is the reaction of many companies to the crisis? Merely defensive. Without making a diagnosis goal of the causes, they limit themselves to cutting costs, whose first item has the names and surnames of perishable men and women. It is true that some will die of obesity, but others are on the way to a galloping intellectual and affective anorexia. What is wrong with many compensation systems? Such a short-sighted vision that many Wall Street executives, who also suffer from the same malady in these parts, only act with a view to the immediate value of the share. No connection with qualitative criteria, with the fate of a new batch of professionals.result? vultures flying over the business landscape without regard for the subsequent rottenness. Daddy State will come, now I need him, to remove the corpse or clean up the carrion. What does the discussion lack in the current public pension system? receipt Is it sustainable, in view of the aging process of the Spanish population, to maintain the current retirement age? Is it sustainable to maintain early retirement at around 50 years of age? Is it possible to talk about a mixed system, there are plenty of examples, Sweden, Chile..., or is it taboo for the prevailing Talibanism? What about the delirious conflict on nuclear energy? About a topic that scientists should speak, it is only scientists who are not heard, drowned in the demagogy of assemblies and local councils, and in the populism and stupidity of a contradictory political class . How much has the blackout of the nineties cost us? How much do we pay France, a neighbor whose laughter can be heard? Cleanliness, security, costs... factors to be considered in a high level dialogue.

Media and the perfect storm of the Internet: Does rigor, analysis, research prevail, or is network a brothel of rumors, of jokes where some people calm their leisure, some people have very little to do and others buy and move wills? In any case, being a gigantic and unstoppable wave, how do the conventional media react? By integrating dual newsrooms, a digital eye, a more traditional one, or by taking refuge on the coast, hoping that the tide will not reach them. Can you fight with the future?

Even in the territory educational, whose essence lies in the future freedom and autonomy of today's dependent mentalities, one misses an attitude of greatness and integrity that does not perpetuate youth in adolescence. The student, unable to defer gratification, snoozes for years that will not return. The teacher, too, submission to the charms of the easy, all progress adequately. How can we say no, a term with a vocation for the future, to the request of a child accustomed to pampering? Tied to a present that I understand as a gift, from an honest reading of the past, let us imagine and work for the future. He gives us the strength to overcome the resistance of a frightened and selfish mental conservatism.result? the leadership we lack.

PS. Suggestion to politicians: look beyond the next elections, and maybe you will win them.