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Ricardo Fernández Gracia, director of the Chair of Navarrese Heritage and Art.

Fernando Galbete. In memoriam

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 10:38:00 +0000 Published in Navarra Newspaper

From these lines I wish to place on record a facet of the personality of Fernando Galbete, recently deceased, on which it is necessary to insist and leave special remembrance. This is his involvement in the conservation, knowledge and dissemination of the artistic heritage of the Comunidad Foral.

Undoubtedly, Fernando was very aware that cultural heritage, in addition to referring to places of the report, constitutes a link between generations and is fundamental when studying the identity of peoples. I am a witness of how that passion for monuments and their contemplation multidisciplinary, made him prepare outings with friends whom he patiently, as he knew, drove around different corners of Navarra, in a small bus, taking advantage of the weekends. Undoubtedly, in situ is the best way to understand and comprehend the meaning of cultural assets. He enjoyed and enjoyed our landscapes, the aisles of our churches and, as a good driver of the group, he contributed his knowledge and organized everything, down to the smallest detail. Among that group, the hours passed without feeling.

As a trustee of the Fuentes Dutor Foundation, he was able to request committee to people who were prepared and knowledgeable about our cultural heritage to intervene, in a very special way, in the cathedral complex of the Navarrese capital: conference room capitular, altarpiece of Las Navas, sacristy, Amparo door... etc., so that those parts of the Pamplona cathedral regained their B splendor. All these actions are still, today, an example of how private institutions can collaborate with public institutions in the rehabilitation of artistic and cultural heritage.

Aware that those actions could not and should not be limited to mere intervention and restoration, he encouraged and promoted from the aforementioned Foundation cycles of conferences on the aforementioned assets, and even specialized publications and research for their dissemination in more academic spheres. He was also interlocutor with the Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro, of the University of Navarra, to collaborate in the edition of the volume dedicated to the cathedral of Pamplona of the Cuadernos de la Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro ( 2006) and more recently, for sponsor the edition of the study of the Crucificado de Alonso Cano (2015) that, coming from Lecároz, is today in the church of San Antonio de Capuchinos de Pamplona.

His image and memory are evocative: looking attentively and unhurriedly contemplating a piece in a exhibition, or preparing the question emanating from his innate curiosity ..... Fernando Galbete, always constant and generous, listened with patience and interest, supported with words and, if possible, with means. He was also eager, very eager to complete projects. I am sure that, from the beyond, he will be looking at these lines with a certain reservation, because he liked anonymity, discretion and prudence which, as Father Gracián said, "is known in seriousness, which is more accredited than wit".

At his side, with reflection and without affectations, he understood and learned quickly. He combined passion and enjoyment to perfection and this binomial was reaffirmed in his countenance. In Latin, we would express it synthetically with the phrase: Cor gaudens exhilerat faciem.

To Maria Cruz and her children, I would say with St. Teresa: "If in the midst of adversity the heart perseveres with serenity, joy and peace, this is love".