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Alejandro Llano, Professor of Philosophy, University of Navarra, Spain

The Spanish Education , a la leave

Fri, 29 Jan 2010 09:29:19 +0000 Published in La Gaceta (Madrid)

It is taking us a long time to reach the bottom, but little by little we are going to get there. Of course, Education in Spain continues unperturbed with its trend to leave, which has accelerated in recent years. The multiple international rankings do not deceive. We find ourselves in the group of the clumsy, and almost everything that continues to be done contributes to making things worse, not better. The official plans and forecasts are rather dismaying. It seems that the minister of Education has discovered a method whose core topic is the counterpunch. It is necessary to take advantage of the quality declines themselves to achieve an apparent improvement or, at least, to take some measure to soften the fall. Here are some recent examples. A fundamental goal of the Bologna Plan is the promotion of mobility among European students. We have already disengaged from this dynamic by making the wrong decision on a key point: the duration of Degree and postgraduate program. Here, model four/one was chosen, when most countries opted for outline three/two. Withdrawal This has led to an appreciable increase in the international mobility . But we should not be discouraged. Our endogamous universities start from a minimal proportion - less than 10% - of students who do not come from the same community. However, the crisis will help to correct another previous error: the proliferation of university centers. Proximity to the family home is the main reason for students to choose a university. Municipal and regional pressures have led to a proliferation of the same courses in public centers close to each other, which is expensive. The minister intends to solve both problems with a single measure. In order to reduce the expense, it is necessary to eliminate repeated courses in nearby cities. Thus, students wishing to study certain courses Degrees will be forced to move to another town. result More mobility!

With a not-so-close horizon, in 2015 there will be scholarships for almost everyone. Those who complete their programs of study program and pass the course in two rounds will receive supplements to their scholarship. And if they manage to finish the degree program in the foreseen years, they will have a substantial award . This will improve quality at all levels. The crisis reduces emigration, which, together with our leave birth rate, will cause the issue of university students to drop dramatically. As now -they say- we have too many teachers, they will have very few classes for each one, and so they will be able to dedicate more time to research. Brilliant.

There is a certain incompatibility, it seems, between socialism and educational quality. And this cadence towards the easiest and far from excellence is infecting more than a few. Machado intuited it: "How difficult it is/ when everything leave/ not to go down too!".