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Enrique Sueiro, consultant and Ph.D. in Communication, University of Navarra, Spain

Your illusion of "someday"

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 08:04:24 +0000 Published in News Journal

You, who read this article, are important. The good thing about saying it and hearing it is that it can make you realize what you ignored or did not remember. Being important in life does not always coincide with a brilliant professional career. We all know people with both a resume and a short life. Perhaps we are blinded by mirages or we date illusions for an undetermined "someday".

On this subject of topics we have thought together in the course of the Confederation of Employers of Navarra (CEN) graduate Emotional intelligence and communication staff: keys to harmony. We have considered the importance of growing harmoniously in intelligence (you are what you read), will (it is not enough to know, you have to want and do) and feelings (refine your own sensitivity).

We have gone through five steps that can take us from the self to the you: self-knowledge of our own emotions, self-management, self-motivation, putting ourselves in the place of others and helping them with their emotions. We have also considered another vital tripod whose balance can affect our happiness: family, friends and work. Let no one feel excluded because retirement refers to work activity and in no case should it imply vital unemployment.

At any age our life can be revitalized with one of the best rewards: knowing oneself and loving oneself. Traveling inside oneself uncovers secrets that explain mistakes, worries and fears; also illusions, successes and hopes. As in an iceberg, what grows inside comes to the surface. We all need a cane, a star to accompany us on the journey of being ourselves. We need a you to and from. This phenomenon, which can be baptized as tuísmo, is an energizing stimulus. Somehow, the best of you is not yours or, in other words, it needs a you. Thus, it is possible to reformulate Nietzsche's well-known sentence and conclude that someone with a why to live for will be able to overcome any how. That is why affection digs out of wells.

As I write, I receive a message from some friends exuberant with joy at the birth of their first child. What an illusion! The same that another couple had fifty years ago and that in 2011 is excited to celebrate the life they have given to their children and grandchildren. As Axel and Bustamente sing, "leave your best seed in the earth, celebrate life, which is much more beautiful when you look at me". With or without children, with or without recognition from others, a fruitful life -which gives the best of yourself to a you- financial aid to fulfill the longing for happiness. In life, as crucial as the rear-view mirror to remember what has been overcome are the long ones to look forward to the future. Misunderstandings? Yes. And? There is no sinner without a future and no saint without a past. That is why forgiveness, also with oneself, is so liberating: it does not change the past, but it does change the future. Don't you find it exciting? Today can be that "someday" for someone as important as you.