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Let's move forward together


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Ainhoa Aguas Ramos

4th year nursing student

We are all tired of the pandemic. Just hearing the word covid brings back a lot of memories, most of them bad. It seems to have had only a negative impact on our lives. However, I would venture to say that, from a nursing point of view, this health crisis has not only brought bad things. It has brought our profession closer to society and made it more visible. Something so necessary and much needed. But now that everything seems to be back to normal, we have to keep fighting, even more than before. All the words of thanks, even the famous applause, will they have been of any use or will they be forgotten?

As a nurse, I hope and wish that you will help us to continue to promote our profession and give it the place it deserves. We are an essential figure in patient care. I trust society and I want to be able to believe in politicians, but it is clear that at the moment they are not showing it. We have just been left out of the committee evaluator of the management pandemic after being at the foot of the cannon every day.