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A project of the University, nominated for the Talía Awards of the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts.

This is the initiative "Lope premieres comedy", of the group of research Siglo de Oro (GRISO) of the School of Philosophy and Letters.

FotoManuelCastells/GRISO professor Carlos Mata and students participating in the initiative pose with a portrait of Lope de Vega.

01 | 03 | 2023

The initiative "Lope premieres comedy", of the group of research Siglo de Oro (GRISO) of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University, has been nominated, in the category of "programs of study and knowledge dissemination", to the Talía Awards granted by the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain.

It is a project developed last October, coinciding with the 410th anniversary of the premiere of "La dama boba" (1613), which recreated in social networks (with the label #LopeEstrenaComedia) the previous days and the first representation of what is considered one of the greatest works of Lope de Vega. Coordinated by Professor Carlos Mata Induráin, from GRISO, the students of the academic center were Carmen Baleztena (Philology Hispanic and Journalism), Germán Beltramo (Philology Hispanic and Audiovisual Communication), Izaro Díaz Manso (Philology Hispanic), Gabriel Garza (History, Diploma in Archaeology and Philology Hispanic) and Irene Ortiz Palomo (Philology Hispanic and Journalism). 

The goal of project was to bring to the public in a pleasant but realistic way, how was a theatrical premiere in the Golden Age and deepen the knowledge of this comedy that raised, more than four centuries ago, the importance of the Education of women and their role in society. Professor Mata Induráin expressed his joy and that of the students upon learning of this nomination for the Talía Awards, which have also recognized, among others, the actress Lola Herrera (award of Honor), the musical "The Lion King" (Audience Recognition), or the actor Antonio Resines (award extraordinary "Back to Life"). "Regardless of what happens in the end, I am very happy, especially for the students, who worked with me with great enthusiasm," he said. He also praised the use of technology in the field of Humanities for training and knowledge dissemination: "I think this project is a good example that Humanities is very much alive and that technologies, when used well, can be valuable tools for training and dissemination of content. And, of course, that what is done with passion and dedication ends up providing excellent results," he added.

The awards gala submission of this first edition will take place on March 27th, International Theater Day, at the Teatro Español in Madrid. Directed by the actor and academician Antonio Banderas and conducted by the actress Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo, president and academician of the institution, it will be broadcasted on RTVE's La 2.