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A graduate from the School of Engineering obtains one of the 48 places offered in the RFIR exam.

Biomedical engineer Marc Riera was ranked issue 18 out of 305 applicants.

01 | 03 | 2024

A graduate at Biomedical Engineering from Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, has obtained one of the 48 places that the Ministry of Health has offered this year in the examination of Resident Internal Radiophysicist (RFIR). Among the 305 applicants, the engineer Marc Riera, a native of Menorca, obtained the position issue 18.

After completing the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering in Tecnun, Marc Riera joined the Cima University of Navarrawhere he collaborated in the development of organ-on-chip systems to study bacterial infection processes in the respiratory tract. Subsequently, in 2022 he decided to prepare for the exam.

"In the Master's Degree of Tecnun, accompanied by great professionals and people, I saw firsthand the work of a radiophysicist so, if I had not taken it, I would not have applied," explains Riera. Likewise, the Menorcan recognizes that it has been 11 months of uninterrupted study, from Monday to Saturday. "The effort was worth it and the joy was absolute, since I will be able to choose the destination when I get a good position", he points out.