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Institute for Culture and Society: participation in activities of other centers and universities (August 2014)

01/09/14 17:09 Isabel Solana

Emotional culture and identity  

Ana Marta González was at the University of La Sabana (Colombia) from August 15 to 30. He gave a course on ethics to professors and a lecture in a congress of Theology.


group 'Mind-brain'

Fran Güell gave the course 'Biology of the development and characterization of the living: exhibition scientific and open philosophical questions' within the Second Week of Interdisciplinary research of the Austral University (Argentina), which was held from August 4 to 8 under the degree scroll 'Determinism and indeterminism: from Biology to Philosophy'.

Natural law and rationality internship

Alejandro Vigo offered four conferences at the Chair Honorary 'Reason, Faith and Culture' of the high school of Philosophy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. They focused on the topic 'Self-consciousness, self-knowledge, self-transparency. The survival of a Socratic motif in the German Philosophy , from Kant to Heidegger' and dealt with the conceptions of Kant, Fichte, Hegel and Heidegger. They took place between August 11 and 19.

Mariano Crespo gave three lectures at the School of Religious and Philosophical Sciences of the Catholic University of Maule (Chile), on August 5 and 6. They were entitled 'Individuality and normativity in Husserl's ethics', 'Natural law and phenomenology' and 'The conscience of feelings'. Also, on August 7, he gave the lecture 'La conciencia de los sentimientos' at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In the same campus, on August 13 he participated in the congress 'The training of the human personality: Anthropological, philosophical and theological foundations of the Education in Edith Stein' with the lecture 'The Gesinnung (moral background disposition) and its relevance for the Education'. Also, on August 18, he gave two lectures at the School of Law of the Austral University (Argentina): 'The relevance of the phenomenological method for the Philosophy of Law' and 'Law a priori and Natural Law. Two answers to the question about the prepositional elements of Law'.