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200 students start their programs of study at School de Ciencias

The academic centre has gathered the first year students in a face-to-face Welcome workshop with the intervention of Luis Montuenga, Dean de la School

01 | 09 | 2021

The academic year 2021-2022 starts with 200 new students in the School of Sciences. This morning a welcoming session was held atworkshop with the intervention of Dean, Luis Montuenga, who encouraged the first year students to take responsibility for their degree program training: "You are the protagonists of your own training".

In this regard, Montuenga stressed the importance for students of the tutorial professionalas a vehicle for achieving a comprehensive training during the university period: "the university is not only an area for acquiring technical knowledge, but we want to help you grow as people who will contribute to society". Along the same lines, the Dean has highlighted the training in Humanities - which the School offers through the Core Curriculumsubjects -, so that the students acquire a humanist Education and are able to develop critical capacity.

Ana Rouzaut, vice-dean of students; José Ramón Isasi and Arantza Zornoza, course coordinators; Cristina Martínez, manager of Career Services; and Jerónimo Carnés, lecturer in the Science and Business Program, also took part in the workshop session. School During the sessions, the students received their university card and a white coat -a detail that submission gives every year to its first year students- and started their first day at class.  

Diverse national and international backgrounds

Of the 200 new students, 153 come from Spain and 47 from other countries. In Spain, the origins are varied: Navarra, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Vizcaya, Madrid, Álava, Valladolid, Alicante, Cantabria, Guipúzcoa, La Rioja, Cáceres, Málaga, Ourense, Murcia, Huesca, Burgos, Granada, Jaén, Baleares, Valencia, Girona, Melilla, Cádiz, Seville and Asturias.

The School also has a large representation of international students: Honduras, Panama. Ecuador, United States, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Hungary, Colombia, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Cameroon, Uruguay and France.

This year's students are distributed as follows: Biochemistry (92), Biology (49), Chemistry (17), Environmental Sciences (11), Biology + Environmental Sciences (24) and Chemistry + Biochemistry (7), among the following Degrees of School. Of the total number of students, 46 take the International Science Program and 24 on Science and Business Program.