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Isabel Bistué and Juan Víctor Villegas, new delegate and subdelegate of the university

They have been elected by the 30 representatives of the different Schools and schools.


01 | 10 | 2021

Isabel Bistué and Juan Víctor Villegas have been elected respectively delegate and subdelegate of the University of Navarra for the academic year 2021/22. The representatives of the 15 Schools and schools of the academic centre took part in the vote.

Isabel Bistué is a fifth year student of International Office and Law, and comes from San Sebastian. She is a boarding student at International Private Law. She also combines her programs of study with various activities, such as learning Chinese, participating in the organisation of the congress Lead Cretive and being part of the University's women's 11-a-side football team. She has decided to run for delegate in order to be at the service of her fellow students and to be a channel for giving feedback to the University: "I am always available to listen and help", she reminded the other delegates after the vote.

Juan Víctor Villegas is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and is studying 4th year Industrial Organisation Engineering at Tecnun. He has been student partner researching purpose in companies and is also interested in stock market analysis. In his free time he enjoys boxing and music production. He would like to "refund the University everything that makes it different, bring back the events and student life". In addition, he would also like to take advantage of the opportunity to bring the two campus of San Sebastian and Pamplona closer together.

Delegates from Schools and schools

Delegate: Elena Vela Lizarbe
Subdelegate: Irene Biera Muriel

Delegate: Javier Rodríguez Castelló
Sub-delegate: Verónica Arias López

Delegate: Ana Sofía Alas García
Subdelegate: Júlia Franch Benavides

Delegate: Isabel Bistué Alzola
Sub-delegate: Jesús Rizo Ortíz

Canon Law
Delegate: Jorge Castro Maestre
Sub-delegate: Regis Otabela Ntomo

Delegate: Alejandro Noboa Kronfle
Sub-delegate: Bibiano López López

Education and Psychology
Delegate: Akemi Watanabe Morales
Deputy Delegate: Marta Sánchez de Muniain Del Villar

Delegate: Alexánder Purnell Marqués
Deputy Delegate: Victoria López-Bleda de Castro

Pharmacy and Nutrition
Delegate: Alicia Fernández Domper
Deputy Delegate: Gloriana Cerdas Bulgarelli

Philosophy and Letters
Delegate: Izaro Díaz Manso
Subdelegate: Dolores García Jiménez

Engineering (Tecnun)
Delegate: Juan Victor Villegas Villaroel
Sub-delegate: Fermín Catalán Oroz

Delegate: María Victoria Pistilli Segovia
Subdelegate: Angela Jódar Ruiz

Delegate: Ainhoa Murillo Lanuza
Subdelegate: Telmo Bretos Azcona

Delegate: Erick Fernando Alvarado
Sub-delegate: Pedro Antonio Martínez Mena