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100 students take the February prelims at School de Ciencias

150 candidates applied in December and the May deadline will be held on 30 April.

02 | 03 | 2022

A hundred students from the 2nd year of high school diploma took the Admissions Office exams on Saturday 26 February at School Science. For two hours and average the candidates had to answer questions subject test on the subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, while their families and companions received information about the academic programs and the University in general, at position from Inmaculada Pascual, Vice-Dean of postgraduate program of the School, and José Manuel Trillo, director of development.

As for the origin of the students presented, 25 are international students and the rest come from Spain. apply for Admissions Office It should be noted that both in this deadline and in the December one, only national students with a grade equal or higher than 7 in 1st year of high school diploma.

Applicants will receive the resolution next Tuesday 15 March. If the decision is positive, they will be able to start the enrolment process for the 2022-23 academic year. For those who have not yet applied to Admissions Office, the next deadline will end on 25 April and the test of Admissions Office will be held on 30 April.

The University has received a total of 4,926 applications to start programs of study from Degree in the academic year 2022-23, which represents an increase of 11% over the number of applications received on the same date in the previous academic year. A total of 1,644 applications were received at deadline in February, almost 12% more than in the previous academic year.