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"Teach me", the school support platform that stands out for its proposal value and scalability.

Students receive an intensive Entrepreneurship course that culminates with the development of a business idea.

FotoPaulaBerroa/The students won the entrepreneurship contest organized by Tecnun and celebrating its XVI edition.

02 | 03 | 2022

"Teach me", the personalized school support platform that took several Tecnun students to the podium, stood out for its usefulness and scalability. The engineering students won first place award in the Entrepreneurship Contest organized by the School of Engineering and IESE after studying and developing a business idea in a total of 56 hours.

Every year the 4th year students take an intensive course on entrepreneurship with professors from Tecnun and IESE Business School . Over the course of a week, the students receive training from professors from the Business School and put what they have learned together with their classmates and students from School of Economics on internship . challenge The aim of the course, directed by Tecnun professor Mikel Arcelus, was to finish the week with a business idea that was developed, viable and capable of convincing those who, on the last day, would pretend to be potential investors .

In the mornings, they had to work through the case method. They were presented with a need and explained how a product had been created thanks to the idea of someone who had brought it to fruition. In the afternoons, however, it was up to the students to develop their own.

Paula Cano and Delia de Erauso, students from Degree Industrial Technologies, together with Industrial Organization Engineering students Ignacio Pérez Calvo, Erik Contreras and Ignacio Martin de Parias, made up the winning team. The good harmony of the team meant that from the beginning the idea progressed easily and they estimate that they spent a total of 56 hours during the week: 20 hours of class, 20 hours of previous study of the cases and 16 hours of individual work . "They gave us the basis and in the afternoon, although they were fully available, we had to take a real status forward and deal with it ourselves," explains Erik Contreras.

The team chose to create "Teach me" an online platform for personalized school support where students and teachers should expose their skills, needs and availability. "Some of us have gone to academies but we have seen that in those cases the attention is not so personalized, sometimes they don't come and they can't answer you the way you need. In this way, the student would have a person focused on him/her who could clarify doubts even hours before the exam itself," Paula Cano points out.

 "We asked Professor Mikel Arcelus if it was feasible and how he saw our proposal and he saw it super well," continues this student. "By chance, the previous Sunday I had read that one in four primary school children needed a private tutor. We thought that, if at such young ages we were already seeing that this need existed, there was power, there was a future, a possibility of doing something useful and viable", emphasizes student Ignacio Martin de Parias. 

The reinforcement could be online or face-to-face depending on the needs or casuistry of the teacher and student applicant . Ignacio Pérez Calvo adds that the added value and differential of its application would be that the teachers were either students or alumni of the University of Navarra: "There are already platforms of this style, but we believe that the seal of academic quality of Tecnun and the University is valued, provides confidence and is a determining factor when deciding who to choose".

 The most interesting thing about this project was the "scalability because it could start at the alumni level and with primary schoolchildren and then, with word of mouth and by making a push on social networks, we could even open it up to other universities," explains student Delia de Erauso.


They all share how enriching it has been result to share time with "such professional people, students from another School and engineering students but from another Degree, which has given them a different perspective".

"They came to us with so much knowledge to talk about the cases and had such a great professionalism, that the truth is that I have learned a lot and I have been delighted," says Paula Cano. For her part, Delia de Erauso, who also signed up voluntarily for this week, assures that "she thought they did a great job, it enriched her a lot and she has learned a lot".

Also participating were Diego Muñoz, economist and Professor partner of IESE; Paco Iniesta, Senior Associate Professor of IESE; Isidoro Sánchez, Professor partner of IESE; Tecnun Professor Mikel Arcelus; and Professor partner of the School of Engineering Iñigo Irizar.