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The University Sports Gala recognises 32 university athletes

Osasuna received the scholarshipof Honour "for its commitment to sport and partnershipwith the University".

02 | 05 | 2022

Two hundred people attended the University of Navarra's Sports Gala presented by the director of the University of Navarra. Sports Service Javier Trigo and the coordinator of the Sports Talent Program Coté Zegers, where the trajectory of 32 university sportsmen and women was recognised. Among those honoured were Koxme Burutarán, 3rd year Industrial Technologies Engineering student, Spanish U23 rowing champion and issue17 in the world; and Nerea Barrena, 4th year Psychology student, Spanish swimming champion in 100 and 200 butterfly, who received the awardfor the best sportsmen and women at the University. 

At the same event, special mention was made of those who have collaborated in a special way in the activities during the course. The lecturer in Nutrition, Marisol García Unciti, received the awardUniversity and Sport award; and the awardfor Sportsmanship went to the high schoolBidasoa International Ecclesiastical Centre.

In addition, Club Atlético Osasuna received the scholarship de Honor del Deporte, a awardthat recognises its commitment to sport and its partnershipwith the University of Navarra.Miguel Cuesta and César Muniáin, first and second vice-presidents of the club respectively, received the award. Javier Trigo highlighted the importance of Osasuna for Navarra: "We had a pending account, as two years ago it celebrated its 100th anniversary and we are very excited to give this recognition to one of the institutions that most promotes the sporting spirit, taking up the values of this land of Navarra".

During the Gala, the public enjoyed the performances of the Esther Amorós dance school, the performance of the winner of La Voz de tu School, Florencia Musmarra, student of Master's Degreein Corporate Reputation, the show of David Crespo, studentof 5th year of Medicine known as "El Mago del Balón", and a performance of the tuna of the University.

Rosalía Baena, Vice President of Students, closed the event by saying that sport has so much value because "it is language and spirit. Language that we all understand, and that spreads values. And spirit because it is an attitude. Sport makes us have a goal, and go for it. It gives us vital lessons that we would like all students to learn".


Distinction to university graduates:

  • Basketball: Alejandro Pidal Martínez

  • Football conference room: Mario Sánchez Puyada, Carlos Iraburu Bonafé, Javier de Arístegui Ordoqui, Juan Buades Lucas, Pedro José Gimeno Malmierca

  • Squash: Nicolás Carpena Salazar, Nicolay Maldonado Efanov

  • Tennis: Felix Estrada Ploegmakers 

  • Triathlon: Alberto Pezonaga Torres


awardSports Talent Graduates
Ainara Alcuaz Rodríguez l Ane Ariz Balda l Adrián Arnaiz Leché l Izarra Arredondo Barturen l Nuria Azpilicueta Sánchez l Selva Baquero Eraso l Nerea Barrena Zudaire l Irune Cea Martín l Mikel García Goñi l Marina Izura Tolosana l Andrea Legarra del Barrio l Pablo Maisterra Villegas l Xavier Martí Caparrós l Izaro Perurena Arruabarrena l Marian Pueyo Arias l Pablo Pueyo Arias l Yari Echave Aguirre l Joanes Peña Alzúa l Paúl Andrés Yánez Suárez


Best sportsmen and women of the University:

- Female candidates: Leire García (Archery), Leire Valdellou (Padel) and Teresa Abascal (Athletics). Winner: Teresa Abascal.

- Male candidates: Yago Navarro (Fencing), Iker Oyarzabal (Figure Skating on Ice) and Koxme Burutaran (Rowing). Winner: Iker Oyarzabal.


Trophy Awards president

  • Participation: Schoolof CC. Economics and Business Studies and high schoolMayor C.M. Belagua

  • Best high schoolMayor: high schoolMayor Mendaur

  • Absolute Champion: Schoolde Philosophyy Letras


Special recognition to people and entities that have collaborated in a special way in the sporting activities of the course:

  • awardUniversity and Sport to Marisol García Unciti, lecturer in Nutrition

  • awardSportsmanship at the high schoolMayor Bidasoa International

  • awardto Luis Felipe Areta, former studentof the University who participated in the Olympic Games of Rome 1960, Tokyo 1964 and Mexico 1968 in the long jump.

  • awardto Yago Navarro, 4th year History student, for his success in fencing competitions. 


Awards for sportsmen and women with a future:

  • Fencing: Bosco Insa

  • Padel: Juan Pablo Pérez

  • Figure Skating: Alba Rionda

  • Rugby: Daniel Sanchez

  • Tennis: Lola Botella

  • Archery: Natalia Egido


awardUniversity and Sport: Marisol García Unciti, lecturer in Nutrition

award Sportsmanship: seminar International Bidasoa

scholarshipof honour for sport: Club Atlético Osasuna