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170 new students start their programs of study of Degree in the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition

101 will study the Degree in Pharmacy, 38 will study Human Nutrition and Dietetics, while 31 will do the double degree Degree

02 | 09 | 2022

On September 1, the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition welcomed 170 new students who will begin this year's programs of study at Degree. Of these, 101 will take the Degree in Pharmacy, 38 will study Human Nutrition and Dietetics, while 31 will take the double Degree. In addition, 11 students are enrolled in the Diploma in Sports Nutrition, 5 in the International Nutrition Certificate and 18 in the International Pharmaceutical Certificate.

The new students come from 27 Spanish provinces and 15 different countries such as the United States, Austria, Canada, Luxembourg, Malta, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama and Mexico.

"You have made a fantastic choice of programs of study , and not because I think this is the best School, but because those who will then give you work, the employers, think so. So do the rankings. But if the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition is one of the best, it is because of the professors, the facilities... but above all because we have the best students of all", encouraged the dean, Mª Javier Ramírez, to the new students. 

From today, the protagonists of your learning are you and you will go as far as you want to go. We will accompany you and help you because we want to train excellent pharmacists and nutritionists who work to make a better society. There is no better way to contribute to sustainability", he reminded. 

For his part, Pedro González Muniesa, shared with the new students the nerves of the first day, as he made his debut as Associate Dean of students, while stressing the importance of the first course: "Today is the day on which you lay the first stone of your professional brand as dietitians-nutritionists and pharmacists. Surely the first year is going to be a little difficult for you, but if you work hard and make every effort, it will help you to approach the rest of the course in a more confident way". 

During the workshop, the students were able to learn about the organization of the School, their advisors and course coordinators. In addition, they had the testimony of students from higher courses, who gave some keys to face this new stage successfully.