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Institute for Culture and SocietyParticipation in activities at other centers and universities (March 2023)

ICS researchers and internal collaborators participated online and in person in activities organized by institutions in Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

03 | 04 | 2023

ATLANTES Global Observatory of Palliative Care

Carlos Centeno y Marina Martínez have attended the conference 'The Education in palliative care, essential for public health' of the Spanish Society of Palliative Care. There, Centeno and Martinez gave the papers "Palliative Medicine in the university? The earlier, the better!" and "Barriers, challenges and opportunities in the training undergraduate Psychology", respectively, (Madrid, Spain, 21/03/2023).

José Pereira has been an evaluator in the "Review of delivery of palliative care in hospitals and region, and recommendations" organized by the Grand River Hospital and Kitchener of Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada, 01/01-31/03/2023). 

He has also participated in the scientific meeting "Pandemic Instrument Partner and Stakeholder Engagement Forum" organized by the Government of Canada, together with the World Health Organization. (Ottawa, Canada, 21-22/03/2023). 

Public discourse 

Eleonora Esposito attended the symposium "Reassessing the 'critical' in Critical Discourse Studies", organized at the Universitá della Svizzera, to give the talk "Other(ed) epistemologies: What might decolonising CDS look like?" (Lugano, Switzerland, 21-22/03/2023). 

Sarali Gintsburg participated in the course "Cycle Manuscrits arabes et humanités numériques" on recognition in medieval Arabic manuscripts and their annotation organized by the BULAC-University Library of Languages & Civilizations (Paris, France, 31/03/2023).

Pilar Gerns has gone to the second meeting of the network COST Action: CLIL Network for Languages in Education: Towards bi-and multilingual disciplinary literacies (CLILNetLE) which aims to create a shared diary of research European (Vienna, Austria, 02-05/03/2023).


Education of Affectivity and Human Sexuality

Carlos Beltramo has offered the discussion paper "Positive parenting, look at a new era" at the 18th meeting of Culture Centers and XI conference of the Family of the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla. (Puebla, Mexico, 28/02-01/03/2023).


Youth in transition research group

Javier Garcia was invited to the 40th congress of Fepace: "La Education del carácter, core topic para la felicidad" where he gave the talk "Tecnología y magnanimidad: adolescentes con ideales". (Zaragoza, Spain, 24-25/03/2023).



Fran Güell delivered the session "The human embryo. Great unknown" in the XXV National Pro-Life congress of the Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations (Madrid, Spain, 04/03/2023).

He also attended the high school of History of Ecclesiastical Sciences 'Fray Luis de Leon' to participate in a roundtable on 'The personality of the embryo: its ontological dimension as a starting point for ethical discussion'. (Salamanca, Spain, 07/03/2023).

Miguel García-Valdecasas y Javier Sánchez Cañizares attended the 4th International Conference on Philosophy of Mind: '4E's Approach to the Mind/Brain' at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa. Gacía-Valdecasas gave the paper "Life-mind continuity theories: what is at stake?" and Sánchez Cañizares gave the paper "Is the Maximum Entropy Production Just a Heuristic Principle? In Need of a Metaphysical Stance on Natural Determination" (Braga, Portugal, 06-08/03/2023). 

Sánchez Cañizares also gave a talk on "The future of humanity: the impact of artificial intelligence on transhumanism" at lecture organized by association Arminza (Derio, Spain, 20/03/2023).

José Manuel Muñoz has attended the IX International congress of the Spanish language as speaker invited to give the talk "Neuroderechos: la ciencia del cerebro y los derechos individuales". (Cadiz, Spain, 27-30/03/2023).


Navarra Center for International Development 

Raul Bajo has given the seminar room "Market competition and the adoption of clean technology: Evidence from the cab industry" at the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain, 02/03/2023). 

In addition, he attended the MaCCI Annual Conference 2023 of the University of Mannheim and the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation to give a talk on "Prices and merger in a general model of multi-sided markets" (Mannheim, Germany, 23/03/2023).

Luis Alberiko Gil Alaña has pronounced the seminar room "Fractional integration Modelling and its applications" for the department of Economics of the Universitat Jaume I. (Castellón, Spain, 06/03/2023).


Religion and Civil Society

Monserrat Herrero has attended the seminar room "Continuity or discontinuity in the spectrum of conflict" organized by the technical school of the Armed Forces (CESEDEN) and the high school of History (CSIC) to participate in the roundtable "The exception within the exception: contemporary transformations of political violence". (Madrid, Spain, 08-09/03/2023). 

David Thunder has participated in two editions of the Liberty Fund symposium. First, he gave the session "The Sicilian Expedition and Imperial Overreach" (Athens, Greece, 16-19/03/2023).

Later, he gave the talk "English Responses to de Tocqueville". (York, England, 23-26/03/2023).


Bonds, creativity and culture 

Inés Olza has taught the course "Lingüística cognitiva y multimodalidad" at the doctoral program de programs of study Hispánicos Avanzados de la Universitat de València (Valencia, Spain, 27/03/2023).

Anna Dulska has started a research stay at the Pontifical University of John Paul II. At this center he participated in the seminar room of experts "Cultural diversity in tourism" within the framework of the program "Challenges of the labor market: Education for post-pandemic tourism". (Krakow, Poland, 28/03/2023).

Alejandro Néstor García has participated online in the II International congress 'project Logos: thought, culture and society' organized by the University of Cordoba and Egregius, where he presented the session "Mediation and educational freedom: the discussion on school vouchers". (Córdoba, Spain, 22/03-03/04/2023).

Alberto Nahum García has attended the V congress International SIMUFV "Image and recognition. Tolkien: poetics, myth and language" promoted by the Francisco de Vitoria University to give the talk "The rings of power and identity politics". (Madrid, Spain, 08-10/03/2023). 

Civic Humanism Center  

José María Torralba has been invited to the seminar room of academic reflection of the International University of La Rioja "The Role of the Teacher in the Education of Character". There, he has exposed the discussion paper "The challenge of reading in the classroom. Great books and the cultivation of students' character." (Madrid, Spain, 01/03/2023).