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Seventy students take the prelims at the School de Ciencias

The last regular admissions period was held last Saturday, April 30.

03 | 05 | 2022

Seventy students from the 2nd year of high school diplomastudents took part last Saturday in the third testof Admissions Officeof the School of Science to start their programs of studyin the 2022-2023 academic year. The students had to demonstrate their skills in the subjects of biology, Chemistryand mathematics.

"We have finished the three regular Admissions Officedeadlines with a good attendance. deadlineFrom now on Rolling Admission starts, which means that students will be able to apply forthe Admissions Officefor the Degreeswith places at any time, and will receive an answer in about a week", says Santiago Caireta, managerof Admissions Officeof the School.

Of the seventy students presented at this deadline, 15 students are international and 55 are from Spain. Of the students from Spain, 26 live in the Autonomous Community of Navarra. The students who have applied for Admissions Officein this deadline, will know their decision on 18 May, when they will be able to start their enrolment.

The Schoolhas collected in the three deadlines (December, February and April) a total of 345 applications for Admissions Office, of which 220 correspond to areaof Chemistryand Biochemistry and 125 to Environmental Sciences and Biology.

In general, the University has so far received 6,259 applications from Admissions Officeto study in the next academic year 2022-23, of which 2,114 are from international students (33.8% of the total); 4,145 are from national students and of these, 1,346 are from Navarre (32% of the total number of national students).