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UN Resolutions in UN classrooms Amigos Building

Two hundred students from different Schools have participated in the XI edition of the United Nations model of the University.

PhotoManuelCastells/Students attending the opening ceremony of UNMUN with the Ambassador of India, Shri Dinesh K. Patnaik, and the Dean of the Law School, Mercedes Galán, School .

04 | 02 | 2023

The classrooms of the Amigos Building of the University of Navarra have been transformed into the stage of United Nations sessions where students from different Schools have had the opportunity to debate and reach resolutions. Two hundred students participated in the 11th edition of the congress United Nations Model of the University of Navarra (UNMUN). This year, the congress was organized into 6 committees: Crisis, Ecosoc (committee Economic and Social), General Assembly, Human Rights, UN Women and United Nations Security Council, which addressed, among other issues, the second Korean War, the challenges to political stability and socioeconomic growth in the Sahel, the migration crisis in Latin America, women's rights in the digital age, the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, and nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament in the conflict in Ukraine. Discussions were held at Spanish and English. 

The congress took place on February 2, 3 and 4 and the students had the opportunity to become UN diplomats while acquiring other skills such as public speaking, work in teams, exhibition of arguments and the ability to reach consensus. 

The inaugural ceremony took place at the classroom magna of the Central Building of the University of Navarra and was attended by the Ambassador of India, Shri Dinesh K. Patnaik, who was accompanied by the Dean of the School of Law, Mercedes Galán, and the University Secretary of this edition of UNMUN, Diego Tagliaferro. 

"Undoubtedly, the UNMUN responds to the transversal vocation with which it was born, as well as to the enrichment of students, not only in knowledge, but in a series of competencies that are of great interest, both for the professional world and to make our society more open and understanding. At final, in the recent words of our rector, at the University 'we want more reflective people, open to the big questions and the contribution of all knowledge, committed to the truth, wherever it is and wherever it comes from', said Mercedes Galán. 

For his part, the Ambassador of India expressed his gratitude for his presence at the University of Navarra and encouraged the students to continue their interest in international issues. visit During his visit to the University, the Indian representative was received by the Vice President of Students, Rosalía Baena; and had the opportunity to have a meeting with many of the Indian students of the University of Navarra. At present, there are fifteen students enrolled in the university. They are students of Theology (6), Medicine (3), Humanities(1), doctorate (1) and Master's Degree in Economics and Finance.

"Model UN is an extremely enriching activity: yes, they give an incredible knowledge on the International Office and diplomatic protocol and yes, they also help us enormously in improving our public speaking, research and leadership skills. But beyond that, they allow us to see that we can truly change the world today. During these three days you will be the ones who will have in your hands the ability to propose ideas to solve global conflicts", urged the University Secretary of this edition of UNMUN, Diego Tagliaferro, to the attendees at the opening ceremony. "Do not miss this opportunity."