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The group TriviUN presents the book "Fiesta, art and literature in borderlands".

The book gathers the research of the IV International Symposium organized by the group in the city of Ceuta.

Professors José Javier Azanza, Silvia Cazalla and Guadalupe Romero have edited the book "Fiesta, arte y literatura en tierras de frontera" (publishing house University of Granada, 2023). The work brings together the research presented at the IV International Symposium organized by the group of research TriviUN. Theater, Literature and Visual Culture of the University of Navarra in the Autonomous City of Ceuta.

Twenty-one specialists in visual culture, art and iconography, theater and literature reflect, from a approach multidisciplinary , on the concept of border (both physical and cultural) in the territories of Spain, Europe, America, Asia and North Africa. "Far from being perceived as an element of separation or a restraint, the border has constituted a permeable physical space, where people, ideas and objects have transited, dialogued and established relationships of a very varied nature," explains Professor Azanza.

The contents are organized around four large blocks: the first is dedicated to Ceuta under the title "Septem frates: a reflection of multiculturalism". The second, "Stories diluted in a shared universe", groups together research on theater and literature. The third block is dedicated to "Heritage, art and visual culture between the 17th and 18th centuries" and also includes programs of study , which focuses on Europe. Finally, the block called "Overseas Frontiers" offers a suggestive journey from America to Asia, through research that focuses on the territory of Alta California, Boyacá (Colombia), Lima and Manila. Among the authors of the programs of study are TriviUN members Silvia Cazalla, Covadonga Romero, Ana Zúñiga, Miguel Zugasti and José Javier Azanza.

The research is part of the framework of the project "Teatro, fiesta y cultura visual en la monarquía hispánica (ss. XVI-XVIII)", funded by the Subdirección General de Proyectos de research del Ministerio de Economics y Competitividad, ref. FFI2017-86801-P.