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Leire Labiano, winner of a award from Chair Enfermería Familiar Comunitaria

Nursing student presented a story to give visibility to the Primary Care nurse.

04 | 03 | 2024

Leire Labiano, student of the School Nursing, has won the second award in the category of stories of the Chair Family and Community Nursing of the University of Alicante: "My story is about Carolina, a nurse who starts working in a pediatric Primary Care enquiry ". Throughout this story, she assures that "she relates her experience in a work that is as complex as it is rewarding", specifically during her first day that "is full of emotions and sensations, but above all of nerves and uncertainty that one feels when facing the unknown".

Although she had already been writing stories since she was a child, the idea of presenting herself with a story came from subject: "I took Oral and Written Communication, taught by Professor Hildegart González, who encouraged us to write and, above all, to spread the essence of nursing, whether in this way or another".

As a fourth year student, she has been able to implement what she has learned in the Degree: "Both the theoretical and practical contents in the different units in which I have been, have provided me with elements that have made possible the essay of this story". that I can emphasize that the relationship with patients and the continuous experience with them throughout my clinical practices is where I got the motivation to write it, especially the attention with patients".

When asked what impact she thinks this story will have, she is clear: "The main aim of goal when writing it was to disseminate the image of nurses in the primary care setting, trying to make visible everything they do on a daily basis. Therefore, I would like that, through this story, the reader knows in more depth the work of the nurse in this area and the nursing profession is properly valued".

You can read in this link the winning text.