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Journalist Eva Lus, new president of association of University Radios

The professor of the School of speech and coordinator of Radio Universidad de Navarra has been elected during the elections to the new committee of Direction of the entity.


04 | 04 | 2022

The journalist Eva Lus, coordinator of Radio University of Navarra, has been appointed president of the association of University Radio Stations (ARU). The appointment has taken place during the elections for the new committee of Direction of the ARU, in the extraordinary assembly held in Badajoz. Eva Lus replaces Daniel Martín, from the University of Extremadura, who has been at the head of the association since October 2015.

The new board headed by Eva Lus is committed to strengthening International Office and expanding shared projects between university radio stations in order to promote partnership and disseminate the activities not only of the radio stations but also of the academic centres. 

It also aims to promote work in order to position association on an international level, as has been done in recent years. ARU is a member of association RIU - network de Redes (together with broadcasters from Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal, Italy and the United States) and collaborates with the College Radio Foundation and the European Parliament Press Office in Spain. The new president pointed out that "these are relationships that must continue to be cultivated while new ties are established". 

The committee board of directors will also include Sonia Martínez, from the Miguel Hernández University, as vice-president; Leonor Real, from the University of Extremadura, as administrative assistant, and Ángel Mancebo, from the UNED, as treasurer. It will also have four sectorial commissions: speech, coordinated by the Universitat Jaume I; Contents and exchange, led by the Universitat Politècnica de València; research and Advice, with the Catholic University of Murcia and the University of Seville at the head; as well as the new commission on Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, promoted by the University of Almeria.

The research around university radio and the training of the members of network is another of the concerns of the new committee management. "In a context in which technology offers great possibilities and podcasting is an established format, it is important for university radio not only to be up to date but also to be at the forefront of what the market may need", stresses Eva Lus. Finally, the new president highlighted the enormous work, drive and enthusiasm of those who have been at the helm of association in recent years.

Eva Lus is a lecturer at School of speech at the University of Navarra, where she teaches teaching internship in subjects related to radio and podcasting, and to speech digital. She is also assistant to the the Vice-Dean of Students. Previously, she worked at essay Navarre's Onda Cero radio station.