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"I wanted to stay in the scientific sector, but I preferred the 'business' part to research"

/Paz Sanz-Magallón

04 | 04 | 2022

"I studied Biochemistry at University College London, but I knew I didn't want to do research". Paz Sanz-Magallón was so clear that her professional future would be more directed towards managementthan research, that during the last year of degree programshe started to look for programmes Master's Degreethat would provide her with that subjectof training. That's how he found the Master's Degreeof managementof Pharma-Biotech Companies of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra. "It was perfect for me, because I wanted to stay in the scientific sector, but focus on thebusiness side.

After the months of theory classes, Paz did a paid internship at Alacrita, alife-sciencesboutique consultancy in London: "I thought that, as I wasn't sure what departmentI wanted to focus on, it was best to start in a consultancy, which usually touches on a very wide variety of projects and areas". During the internship she worked as an analyst, supporting subjectwithprimary and secondary research for project, preparing deliverables and attending client meetings attendto understand clients' needs and support the team. She also performed more internal functions such as preparing white papers and case studies for business.

"At the end of Master's DegreeI was hired at Deallus, another healthcare consultancy in London. I switched because I wanted to go to a slightly bigger and growing business", she confesses. skill"For the final interview I had to prepare and present a case, but with all the experience from Master's Degreeand the 9 months internship, I felt very prepared, because developingsoft skillssuch as communication, problem solving and workin a team is vital for the world of work.