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More than 400 people take part in the University of Navarra's Sports Gala

Students Patricia Maraña and Antonio Bazán, best sportsmen of the year; and international referee Alberto Undiano, scholarship of Honor for Sports.

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Sports Gala 2015
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
04/05/15 14:32 Chus Cantalapiedra

More than 400 people participated in the traditional Sports Gala of the University of Navarra, in which sports distinctions and awards were presented to the most outstanding students, professors and university centers of this academic year.  

The awards for the best athletes of the year, in the male and female categories, went to Patricia Maraña (Tecnun Engineering School), player of the Spanish Field Hockey National Team; and Antonio Bazán (Medicine), player of the Asobal handball league in the Helvetia Anaitasuna team of Pamplona and of the Spanish Youth Handball National Team. He also belongs to the ADO Program. Likewise, the international referee Alberto Undiano received the scholarship of Honor of Sport for his sporting career and for his partnership in different activities with sport at the University; and student Alejandro Velasco Varas received the award of the Center of programs of study Olympic Values in Sport.

For its part, the high school Mayor Larraona was recognized as Best high school Mayor in the Trophy awards President 2015, and the School of Medicine as Absolute Champion. In addition, the students of the sports disciplines graduating this year and those of the Sports Talent Program were distinguished.

The gala, held in the Theater of the Museum of the University of Navarra, was hosted by director of Sports Service, Javier Trigo; and the journalist and coordinator of programs of study of School Communication, Cristina Alfaro.

During the event, the Sports Talent video, which will be part of the Erasmus+ AGM+ Program, was screened, and a performance was given by group of students from the Ahots Singing School of Pamplona, as well as gymnasts from the Alaia Club and the Numis Magician.          

The event was attended by the Vice President Alumni of the University of Navarra, Tomás Gómez-Acebo; the director of Alumni Association, Noelia Sanz; the mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya; the counselor of Social Policies of the Government of Navarra, Iñigo Alli Martínez; and the director of the high school Navarre of Sports and Youth, Pruden Induráin Larraya. Also in attendance were Susana del Río, member of the committee of Experts of the European Union and Luis Sabalza, president of Club Atlético Osasuna, among others.


Distinction to university graduate athletes

  • Basketball: Irene Aguirre, Sara Hermoso de Mendoza, Marta Santos, Christian Del Río, Íñigo García.

  • Handball: Victor Amézqueta

  • Soccer: Beatríz Gallastegui, Anna Vila, Sergio Bariain, Alejandro García-Jalón, Marcos Gorostizu, Javier Oderiz.

  • Soccer conference room: Lucas Álvarez, Ramón Ligorit, Arnau Mompel, Borja Orcoyen.

  • Golf: Patricia Virto.

  • Kendo: Alejandro Caramés.

  • Paddle: Amaia Emparanza, Guillermo Cornadó, Enrique Huesa, Pablo Javier García-Landarte, Ángel Bartolomé Romero-Haupold, Javier Gutiérrez.

  • Taekwondo: María de los Ángeles Contreras, Javier Huarte, Hector Santiago Ortíz.

  • Triathlon: Cristina Martínez, Virginia Julia Ruiz, Aitor Ugalde.

  • Volleyball: Irene Gabarda, Genesis Payano.

Trophy Awards President 2015

  • To the participation: C.M. Larraona (Best high school Mayor) and School of Medicine (Absolute Champion)

award to athletes with a future

  • Tennis: Carmen Ruiz Canela and Carlos Robles 

  • Paddle tennis: Martina Calvo Santamaría and Hugo Martínez Bargada

award to sports promotionMaría Lobato and Yara Tanarro

award to the partnership sportsby Andreia Alves

award to the participationby: Joaquim Torres Rodríguez

award to solidarity in sportYago Zarauza

award to sporting excellenceKarol Castro Matute

award partnership sport entityAlaia Rhythmic Club

Olympic Values in Sports Awards Center programs of study Alejandro Velasco Varas

award to the Best University Athlete 2015Patricia Maraña (TECNUN)

award Best University Athlete 2015Antonio Bazán Legasa (Medicine)

scholarship of Honor of Sport 2014 - 2015Alberto Undiano Mallenco