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Boston, last stop of the year for first-year students

During their international stay at Bentley University, students have studied subjects such as Marketing and Organizational Behavior in depth.

04 | 07 | 2023

The first year students of Degree in management Applied Management have concluded their international stay in Boston. At the beginning of June they traveled to the United States for an intensive program of training in Marketing and Organizational Behavior at Bentley University.

Following the professor methodology of Degree, during the stay they applied the knowledge acquired in a project that they carried out together with Converse. The legendary company of the star proposed to the students the challenge to launch a pair of sneakers to the market, for which they had to carry out a 360º Marketing campaign.

In addition to Converse's headquarters, the students visited other local companies such as United States Postal Service (USPS) and Shawmut Communications, visited the cities of Boston and Salem, attended a baseball game and participated in various sessions such as the one with the Consul of Spain in Boston.

The educational proposal of this innovative and unique in Spain Degree contemplates two international stays: in the first one, students travel to Boston (United States) at the end of the first year, while the second one is completed at the end of the third year in France or Germany, depending on the third language studied by each student. This sum of experiences allows the students to make an academic, cultural and linguistic immersion in different countries.


Pablo Girona

Pablo Girona"Our stay in Boston could not have been more enriching. Boston gave us the opportunity to grow in every way. We got to know each other better, visited a city quite different from what we are used to, and gained knowledge that we have applied to our Marketing project . Undoubtedly, the best part was the Marketing and Organizational Behavior classes at Bentley. In addition, the visits to the companies were equally profitable. It was very interesting to learn about the production process of certain companies and how the sectors and philosophies vary in each one of them.

Claudia Fernandez

Claudia Fernandez"This trip has been a very rewarding experience. It has provided me with new and diverse knowledge about Marketing and everything related to the world of business. We were very fortunate to be able to visit, among many other companies, the headquarters of Converse, on which we have based our project. There was also free time to visit the city during our stay".

Jacqueline Abesamis

Jacqueline Abesamis"The trip to Boston was truly for me a once in a lifetime experience. I really enjoyed the visits to companies like Converse, Shawmut Communications Group, and the Worcester Sox Baseball team because they gave us the opportunity to talk with the employees and see what it is like to work in different industries. Aside from this, the group project wherein we had to develop a marketing campaign for Converse in Spain really challenged us to be more creative, but with the guidance of the professors, we were able to create posters, mail pieces, and a presentation in over a week. With the tight schedule, I also learned how to manage my time and communicate well with my group mates. Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from professors from different universities and create unforgettable memories with my classmates."

Juan de Dios Molinero

Juan de Dios Molinero"It has been an unforgettable experience, in addition to having been able to learn about different companies such as Converse, which I see as very positive for my professional future. It is also worth mentioning that living together with my colleagues at class has helped to make the learning process more dynamic".