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"The fashion business is not just about selling clothes. Business, in a radical sense, dresses identities, lives, people's stories."

On June 29th, the 10th graduating class of the Advanced Program in Fashion Business Management (PADEM) graduated. The ceremony was chaired by Marta Torregrosa, academic director of the program, María Martín-Montalvo, director of Institutional Relations of ISEM and Diana Martín, specialist in Leadership & development staff .

04 | 07 | 2023

It has been four months since the classmates of the 10th edition of the Advanced Program in Fashion Business Management (PADEM) met for the first time at classroom of ISEM. Since then, every week "the Pademites", as they call themselves, have shared hours and hours of cases, work, conversations and learning every Friday. As Sergio Gijón summed up , in the words of his youngest daughter, "Dad, are you going to school in Madrid today?

Sergio, Deputy Director commercial Mayoral and one of the graduating students, was in charge of pronouncing the speech on behalf of the entire graduating class. In his words there was gratitude and affection for the program in general, and also for each of his classmates. "A very important thing for me -and for all of us- has been the inner growth. This program helps you financial aid to sort out your inner drawers in order to have balance. Those of us who are here aspire to lead companies, which is to lead people. As long as we don't have our inner balance, it is very difficult to achieve it," he stressed.


Graduation X promotion PADEM-2023

The keynote address was given at position by Diana Martín, who spoke about the importance of the staff brand and how to build and manage it effectively. Certified in high performing teams and specialist in Leadership & development staff , Martín is an associate member of the consulting firm Huete&co.

The most reflective point of the event was made at position by Marta Torregrosa, academic director of PADEM, who made a plea for elegance and leadership in business management. "Elegance is related to the authenticity of being oneself and to security. The elegant person does not find it difficult to choose from a wide range of choices, because he has discarded what does not suit him, what does not represent him. He invests where there is real profit.

With the aspiration to grow and never stop learning, always being elegant, a new graduating class of PADEM is ready to continue contributing to the management of the best fashion companies. A business that "is not only dedicated to selling clothes. The business, in a radical sense, dresses identities, lives, people's stories," as Torregrosa pointed out.