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Back to Nuestros hijos…quieren querer, un libro dirigido a orientar a padres y educadores en la formación afectiva y sexual de sus hijos

''Nuestros hijos...quieren querer querer'', a book aimed at guiding parents and educators in the affective and sexual training of their children.

The authors are Full Professor Jokin de Irala and researcher Ignacio Gómara.

04/10/12 13:43
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Cover of the book 'Nuestros hijos... quieren querer' (Our children... want to love). PHOTO:

Jokin de Irala, Full Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of Navarra and director of project Education of affectivity and human sexuality of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), together with Ignacio Gómara, researcher of ICS and professor of high school Miravalles-El Redín, have published the book"Nuestros hijos...quieren querer querer"(Our children...want to love). 

The book is addressed to fathers and mothers"who want to better accompany their children in the wonderful challenge of building their personality and their happiness, offering them a positive orientation and financial aid in their affective and sexual training ." "Children want to love but do not know how. They want to express their feelings and doubts but often do not know to whom to open their hearts," says Dr. Jokin de Irala.

"Some parents fear their children's adolescence and do not feel confident to talk to them and guide them in matters of affectivity and sexuality, which manifest themselves in an intense way during puberty. But to educate the affectivity and sexuality of the children it is not convenient to wait for the appearance of acne. The Education for love begins much earlier, when the first 'I don't want to' comes out of their mouths," the authors remind us.

In this new book, which also includes several on-line didactic resources, parents will find a financial aid to educate their children's affectivity and talk with them about sexuality, life and health. It will also be interesting reading for teachers and educators who wish to find answers to the current educational challenges related to the affective-sexual Education , and for students of Degrees such as teachers, psychology, pedagogy or science.