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The University stands out in Health, Science and Engineering in the ranking of the Everis Foundation

The report gathers the 10 best Spanish universities according to the opinion of employers.

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Students at the University PHOTO: Manuel Castells
04/11/15 16:53 Blanca Rodriguez

The University of Navarra is positioned as one of the best Spanish universities in the University Ranking-business, of the Everis Foundationwhere it stands out in the areas of Health, Science and Engineering.

The goal of the ranking is "to identify the best 10 Spanish higher education centers from the opinion of employers," the Everis Foundation reported in a statement. It is the first report that is elaborated exclusively with the opinion of the demanders of talent and the foundation has explained that it will have an annual character.

In this ranking, the University of Navarra has obtained the first place in the field of Health and Welfare with a score of 9.05, followed by the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia ( 8.13) and the University of Cadiz (7.58). From this area, the University of Navarra offers Degrees in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine and Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

On the other hand, in Science and Engineering, the University of Navarra is in second place with 7.60 points, immediately after the Universidad Politècnica de València ( 7.61). In this area, the University of Navarra offers the Degrees of Biology, Biochemistry , Chemistry and Environmental Sciences of the School of Sciences and the Degrees of Electrical Engineering, design Industrial, Electronics, Industrial Technologies and Mechanics of the School of Engineering.

According to Everis, the University of Navarra is the best performer in terms of honesty and ethical commitment, analysis and problem solving, results orientation and technical knowledge of the profession.

The study has revealed that there is a high concentration in certain areas of knowledge, especially in Business Administration, Economics, Law, Science and Engineering, which accounted for seven out of every ten hires in the last five years. Likewise, one of the conclusions of the ranking highlights the priority given by employers to the learning capacity, adaptation to change and teamwork of university graduates work .