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Back to 20000218-Más de un millón de accesos al 'web' de la Universidad de Navarra en los últimos cuatro meses

More than one million accesses to the University's website in the last four months

In addition, the complete report of the last course and a section with updated news can be consulted on the Internet.

18/02/00 12:12

What can I study at the University of Navarra, when are the Admissions Office exams, how can I consult the academic transcript , is there a job listings?.... The University of Navarra's web page, which has been updated with new sections, provides answers to the many questions that anyone can ask, whether they are students or not, in Spain or in any other country in the world.

The report of the last academic year, published in its entirety, can be consulted at A link also provides access to the speech delivered at the opening of the course by President, Professor José Mª Bastero.

More than 2,000 daily accesses

Every day more than 2,000 people - not counting e-mail accesses - log on to the site. From October 4 to February 9, 1,082,303 pages have been served. Some access the site out of curiosity, others to find out about programs of study or to find out which are the most popular topics on research at department university. On average, each person reads four pages of the total content of the website every day.

The website of the University of Navarra, developed by the Department of Communication and the Center for Information Technology, includes areas on the general organization of the University (characteristics, academic authorities, publications, general services, association of Friends, Graduate Association...); teaching (plans of programs of study of the different careers, Departments, report of research...); information for students (self-registration, enquiry of grades, administrative procedures, request for internships, job listings, academic calendar, sports competitions...). The Library Services and the University Clinic have special pages that inform about their activities, operation and possibilities of relationship with them.

A complete section is intended for the Admissions Office of new students and it provides all the necessary information for those who wish to start their university studies at programs of study in this center. At final, the page is conceived as a service for people who want to obtain information about the University: students, graduates, parents, media professionals, professors, academics, etc.

The News section of the website is updated weekly so that any Internet user can follow the life of the University of Navarra: congresses, Cultural Activities Office, visits of relevant people or stories of human interest that have had relevance in the daily events.

The system allows subscribing to the news so that the interested person receives in his or her e-mail inbox the index of that week's news with its corresponding link to the web page. The service is completed with a news search system.